Trinity Lutheran Church

Oct. 13, 21st Sunday after Pentecost.
Pastor Wayne A. Strohschein, spoke on text from Luke 17:11-19.
In today’s gospel story, Jesus healed 10 lepers then sends them off to show themselves to the priest, all in accordance to the scriptural requirements. They were but a ritual away from having their healing verified. But suddenly one of them turns around and goes back to Jesus, to thank him. That is when Luke does the dramatic and tells us: this leper is a Samaritan, a religious and social outcast as viewed by the Jewish community.
Jesus asks him, “Were not 10 made clean? Where are the other nine?”
The focus shifts to the one Samaritan.  In that shift of focus we begin to see the point of the story.
It comes to him he has been miraculously healed by this Jesus.  He turns back toward Jesus, relieved and thankful.
What distinguished this one leper from the other nine is not that he was thankful and the rest were not, but this one recognized Jesus as the source of a miraculous power and presence that could only be of God.  He sees what the others did not: Jesus is his saving Lord.  It is in Jesus that he finds wholeness and restoration.
But there is still one thing more.  We are restored to a community of faith.  We are in this together.  How do we journey with each other in this process of recognizing the need for healing, being healed and giving thanks?
Psalm 111 says: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom …. To him belongs eternal praise” (v. 10, NIV).
Council will meet immediately following worship today.
Happy Birthday today to Karen Strohschein.
Naomi Circle will meet Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. for a workday. Sunday School & Bible Study, 9:30 a.m. Sunday; Worship, 10:45 a.m. Sunday.
Lector today is Walt Wittoff; next Sunday the lector will be Nancy Smith.