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The Snoop 10.24.2013

The Cabool Enterprise reported last week that the Cabool R-IV School District was granted permission by the Department of Natural Resources to remove a bridge – but the district doesn’t have a bridge.
The article explained that the school district had to obtain permisson from DNR to remove a small rock building located on school property. Asbestos was found in the building; after the asbestos was removed the district sent paperwork to DNR to request final clearance. DNR responded with paperwork needed to complete the job, then referred to the removal of a bridge and how disposal of its parts would need to be handled.
After a few phone calls, the district got permission to remove the building.
*  *  *
The Forsyth Fire Department will be holding an open house on Saturday, Oct. 26, according to the Taney County Times. This is a fundraiser and the department will also be recruiting volunteers for its department. Forsyth voters approved a 1/4-cent sales tax for the department in April and will begin receiving revenue from that tax real soon. The department also received a $126,000 federal grant through the Assistance to Firefighters Act to purchase 24 new breathing apparatus.
*  *  *
The Christian County Headliner News reported recently that Paula Hall was found not guilty in the death of Freda Heyn, of Oldfield, who was murdered in November 2003. Hall was convicted of second-degree murder in 2009, but that conviction was overturned in 2011. Hall remained incarcerated until May of this year when she was finally released. She went on trial for the second time in September on a change of venue in Forsyth, and was acquitted. Hall cannot be charged with this crime again.
*  *  *
The Mansfield Mirror reports that the Mansfield Growth & Planning Citizens Group is using local volunteers to dress up the town by giving storefronts a facelift.
*  *  *
At least four different papers that we “exchange” with reported on the Piney River Brewing Company’s claim of a gold medal at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival competition.
The Licking News, West Plains Daily Quill, Houston Herald and Cabool Enterprise carried stories about the brewing company, located in Bucyrus, winning the top award in Denver, Colo., on Oct. 12.
*  *  *
The Salem News reported that Phineas, a yellow lab that was sentenced to death for biting a 7-year-old girl, was stolen from the Dent County Vet Clinic. The dog disappeared on Friday or Saturday before he was to have had a court hearing on the next Thursday.
*  *  *
And, the Springfield News-Leader reported Wednesday that “the Sign Man” Marty Prather, would not make the trip to Boston on Wednesday and Thursday, but he will go to St. Louis this weekend when the World Series moves back to Missouri.

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