Cooler weather reminds us winter is not too far away. Wood cutters will be busy getting supplies for wood burning stoves. I’m noticing these fall jobs aren’t as easy to do as they used to be around here.

On Tuesday, Oct. 15th, Karen N. Davis, Edith McKinnon, Alice Hurley and I went to the DOW fall meeting in Ava that was held at Bethany Baptist Church auditorium, where Ozark, Douglas and Wright County extension clubs met for Achievement Day.

A correction in my last weeks news column where I wrote it was to be Oct. 22nd. The proceeds of the silent auction benefit the wig program for cancer patients. There was gift exchange and silent auction, and the delicious lunch enjoyed by all.

Lilly Ridge Church was host for the Women’s Day of Prayer with good attendance. The count of attendance was 74.

Best wishes to Nina Blair with her health problems and back to writing her news column for Price Place.

Sympathy to the family of Barbara Crawford of Tecumseh, who passed away October 12th. And all others who lost loved ones recently.

Fall colors are now getting to their prettiest display and enjoyed as folks drive through the countryside.

Daylight Savings Time changes Sunday, November 3rd and we get back the hour of sleep we lost last spring. “What have we gained” with changing the time is a good question.

I appreciate Robert Helms so much for bringing a jacket I left at Bethany Church in Ava last Tuesday when our Extension Club women were there for the DOW meeting. This is the 2nd year I left my jacket behind and Evelyn Lawson mailed it to me last year. I’ve decided to not wear that pink one and get a different jacket to wear next time, for I’m causing too much trouble. Bro. Helm’s fills in at Bethany Baptist Church when Pastor Sorenson is away. His wife, Peggy, a member of our Extension Club, was having health problems Sunday and was unable to go with her husband Sunday. Best wishes are sent her way.

Friends of Irene Corp, Jerry Fildma and Terry Wyrick took her out for lunch at Chen’s in Mountain Home Tuesday of last week.

Jerry Miller stopped by Monday morning on her way to town and took some flowers to keep through the winter.

Jean Suman went to Springfield last week to watch her grandson, Zac, compete in his swimming meet. He is in the Ozark High School Swim Team, placing 1st in one race and 2nd in another.

After staying the night with son, Todd, and family, Jean spent Saturday with daughter, Lori, for a trip to Aurora sightseeing and shopping, then back to Ozark for granddaughter, Ali’s photo sessions for her senior pictures.

Anna Larson hasn’t been feeling up to par recently. Best wishes to her.

MoDot mowers have made the highway ditches and roadsides look better nicely mowed. The dog fennel yellow plants grow when nothing else does and is quite a nuisance especially in pastures. Milks cows beware!

How many people remember the story of the “ever-filling” barrel mystery from 1950 in Texas County? I was glad the writer in West Plains Quill paper wrote about it in last weeks paper.

“Hello” to former Ozark Countians who live away and like to hear from their former home area.