With Octobers bright blue skies, cooler temperatures came along, but really nice weather and sunny skies.

Jerry Miller stopped by Monday morning on her way to town. She said her grandson, Dustin and his friends came to her place setting up for opening of deer season. It is just around the corner as time passes quickly.

Bob Blackburn had dinner Tuesday evening with Richard and Rene Blackburn, his cousins. Bob’s wife was out of town attending to grandchildren, and he maintains that one more meal at home would have been his demise. Rene’s homemade pie and Richard’s barbeque gave ample reason why an invitation to their table is a coveted prize. Rene is one of the many local culinary talents whose skills put them in the top level of Southern Missouri cooks. The above are Bob’s words!!

Our native paw-paws are ripening now and soon, if not already, will be gone. Also persimmons are ripe and if in a cow pasture cattle eat a dangerous amount, they can pack in a cows stomach.

Some people had an experience with this in years past and lost a cow.

Acorns also are a dangerous as persimmons.

I have asked some folks if they have seen any on their trees, but they hadn’t noticed any. Perhaps some trees were too dry, back in May and June, even July.

When paw-paw time comes, I miss my nephew, Warren and also cousin, George Ebrite from Ada, Oklahoma. Since they are both deceased I will have to eat the paw-paws that they enjoyed in their place. Not everyone enjoys them.

Lilly Ridge Church revival began Sunday evening and goes through Thursday evening.  Bro. Robert Roberts is our evangelist.

Clear Springs Church dismissed their Sunday evening service and attended Lilly Ridge services and many are expected each evening this week.

Sympathy to the John North and James Edwards and Helen (Hart) Blisard family, along with others losing loved ones.

Jonathon Aronis, my nephew, from Springfield stopped by one day last week on his delivery route.

A thought to remember is that laughter is the best medicine many times.