St. Francis Church

Sunday, October 6 was the Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity.  Altar and vestment colors were back to green after red for the diocese convention and white for St. Michael and all Angels.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Gospel for the day, St. Matthew 9:1, on the theme of questioning beliefs.  In this passage he questions the authority of the scribes by healing and they questioned his authority to do so because only God can heal since in their belief illness is caused by sin and only God can forgive.  In this instance Jesus shows that he has the power to heal and forgive which he received from God and passed on to the apostles and thus to the church.

On September 28 I drove to Springfield and met Chandler Connell.  It was a big day for us as it was the opening concert of the new season of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.  Before the concert, we attended an opening night dinner given by the Symphony Guild at the Tower Club and enjoyed an excellent meal and visiting with other music lovers.  The concert was the first by the orchestra’s new director, Kyle Pickett, who led the group in Brahms’ Fourth Symphony and was met with an enthsiastic response from the audience so it looks like the orchestra is off to a good start with a talented new director.

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