Sunday morning service was opened with prayer requests and prayer. Randy and Venita Brummet and I did the music and led some hymns. I sang a special.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Jonah 2:1-10, “Runnning Back to God.”

Brother Roberts brought the evening message from John 4:1-19.

October is Love Your Neighbor Month.

Delmar and I visited one evening with Jack and Barb Breshears, Doyle and Danni Breshears and Preston Breshears. We have been busy this week, getting ready for cold weather, putting up a wood heater and painting the basement. I am getting ready for a craft sale at my sister’s in Seymour.

The cool weather has prompted me to make a big stew. It tasted really good.

Our house is shaping up pretty good. We have had a lot of help fixing it up.

On Saturday, I helped my brother and sis, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, with their concession at the fair. There was some very good music and exhibits. I am hoping that it will catch on and be a really good fair in the future.

The trees and foliage are getting very colorful now. If you get a chance, try to enjoy the beauty that God has made for all to see.

Until next week, don’t be fooled by people’s appearance, they may be having a hard time, but not letting it show.