Senior Center Monday Night Jam Session

The Monday Night Band members begin coming in around 4:30 to get the microphones and monitors set up and tune their instruments.  It makes for a wonderful evening of good music, but there is a lot of work to it.  Volunteers help move chairs when the evening is over.  There are those that help set up the food and put out the pop.  Then there are those that must sweep and mop.  But it is worth it.

We were down in attendance last Monday evening—110, but still new people came in to see what we are all about.  Maybe they will come back, maybe they won’t, but we will continue to do what we do for those that love to see, hear, and experience it.

We had a new bluegrass group and a retired military guy to sing a song and we invite them back.

We welcome you and ask you to come and be a part of it.  I just know you will like it.