Last weeks news – this week has gone by so quick I have been outside a lot. It has been such beautiful weather.

Norma Cross, Kenny and I spent Monday in Springfield. Tuesday she had to take Kenny back to the doctor and I had some business and shopping to do in Ava. While I was in the bank in comes Connie Johnson, Sue Brown and Teresa Davis. I don’t know if all of us was there to put money in the bank or take it out.

Wednesday my son, Danny Maloney, Beth and son, Matthew, came down.We all worked in the yard. It won’t be long before we’ll have to mow the leaves. They have started to fall. I believe the trees are going to be beautiful this fall.

Thursday night singing group “Faithful” sang for the opening night of revival at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. Saturday night the group sang for opening night at revival at “Fellowship Lighthouse” at Bruner.

Saturday afternoon Ervin, Lodean, Dianne and Sue drove to Mountain Grove for lunch with Ron, Judy and Jerry, Rod, Lisa and Kayli. Ron and Judy’s son, Terry from Washington State and son, Shawn and wife, Samantha and baby, Brayden. There were five generations Lodean (Lethco) Schultz, son – Ron Lethco, Ron’s son – Terry Lethco, Terry’s son – Shaun Lethco and Shaun’s son – Brayden Lethco. Also four generations – Ron and Judy Lethco and their son – Terry Lethco, Terry’s son – Shaun Lethco and Shaun’s son – Brayden Lethco.

Sunday Sue Brown drove to Seymour to attend friend day and lunch at Seymour Nazarene Church with Rod, Lisa and Kayli.

10-13-13. Attendance Sunday at Goodhope General Baptist was 65. Susie Adams sang a beautiful song. Pastor Dave’s sermon was from Galatians 4.

10-13-13. Sunday night Pastor Dave chose Psalm 1. Pleasure to go to God’s house and hear God’s word preached.

Monday Ron, Judy, Jerry, Terry, Shaun, Samantha and baby Brayden came over to Sue’s house for lunch and worked in wood. Ervin and Lodean came up and Dianne all enjoyed the afternoon visiting then Terry, Shaun, Samantha and Brayden left to go home to the state of Washington. They enjoyed a 3-4 day trip.

10-20-13. Sue said this past week has been busy. Ron, Judy, Jerry came over and got more wood up. Ron fixed the door to the chicken house. Rod, Lisa, Kayli, Ashlynn and Kayli’s friend “little Kayli” came out Saturday and picked up walnuts all day. Everyone was kinda tired when they got done, but had a good time working together.

Oliver Lee Jenkins came down last week to pick a book up that I had for him. He brought a quilt to show me that Liz had made. She had painted the blocks. It is very pretty. It will be in the art show next week. It will surely win a prize. They left yesterday to go to Michigan where their daughter lives. They will be celebrating their oldest granddaughter’s 16th birthday.

There was a large crowd at the Plainview School carnival Saturday night you could hardly find a place to park.

Norma spent Wednesday to Saturday with her daughter and some in laws in Clinton, MO.

Psalms 145:3, “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.”

This weeks news – it’s kinda dreary this morning, but we can’t complain. It is a nice day for the Plainview School children to go over to the Glade Top Trail for hiking and picnicing. They do this every year. They always enjoy going. I don’t know if it is because they don’t have to do school work or looking at the beautiful countryside.

Sunday afternoon the 13th, my nephew, Ronnie Sanders and wife, Sheli, drove up from Claremore, Oklahoma and picked me up and took me back to Claremore so I could spend the week with my sister, Georgia Sanders. On Tuesday another son, Donnie, took us to Skitook, Oklahoma to visit with our brother in law, Jim Haas, our sister Reatha Haas passed away three years ago. On Wednesday Donnie took us to the hairdresser, the rest of the week we spent looking at pictures and talking about old times when we were kids growing up here in the hills of the Ozarks from Roy and Goodhope area and 76 highway toward Ava.

Ronnie and Sheli brought me home Saturday.

Sunday morning when we got to church we found out little Preston Jenkins was taken to the hospital. They called later to let everyone know he was resting after putting him on oxygen.

Pastor David preached from Psalms 98, ” O sing unto the Lord a new song.” We need to sing praises for our salvation to God every day.

Specials by Kali Welsh on her violin and Glen Dale Robertson on banjo. Attendance was 61. Lots were out with sickness.

Sunday at Goodhope General Baptist Church David Welsh the pastor and the congregation met in the new pavilion at 3 p.m. It was built last summer. I couldn’t tell you who all helped, but can say it was headed up by Roy Reed, he had several helpers.

The dedication started with several songs led by Danny Davis. David prepared a special service so all the congregation could be invovled. After prayer everyone went in the dining hall to a potluck meal. Norma Cross, Janice Hawkins and Sue Brown had stayed inside to set out the food.

Psalm 97:10, “Ye that love the Lord hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.”