It is very foggy down here in the holler this Monday, October 28.  We had a big frost last week, it looked like snow.

I visited a bit with Fern Huffman, last week in Wal-Mart, I hadn’t seen her for a while.  She told me she had been taking care of her sister for a while.

Richard Mitchel came down and hooked a gas stove up for me.  He has, and is going through a lot, with cancer.  He needs our prayers.

Norma cross, Kenny and Seth came down Saturday evening for a visit.  Norma left Sunday after church for Claremore, Ok.; she’ll be spending this week with our sister Georgia Sanders.

Kelly and Deann Thompson, Kinsy, and Kailey and a couple of friends spent the weekend in St. Louis.  They spent most of their time at the park, Kyle stayed with me and we had a busy day Sunday.  After Sunday school and church, Tony Richards had Kyle to go down to his place where he wanted to set the sights on his gun and practice with Kyle shooting the gun.  Then they headed out to prepare the deer stands.  Tony will be helping him; he is really excited, youth season is this weekend.  While they were busy with their stuff, I met Goodhope Baptist Church group at the nursing home.  It was our Sunday to bring the service there.  They did several songs, then Pastor David, spoke some encouraging words from the Bible.

They all drove on down to Sandy Church for the hay ride.  I came back and picked Kyle up and met the Goodhope Baptist Church group at the Sandy Church.  The two churches got their congregation together for a hay ride on the glade top road to the picnic area.  There were hamburgers, hot dogs and all kind of picnic items plus lots of desserts and coolers with all kind of sodas.  Pastor David blessed the meal and after eating, we all sat on the split log bleachers on the hillside looking down to the platform where Danny Johnson, LeAnn Crum and Carla Wilson sang several songs, then Pastor Crum brought a great message.  The view was beautiful, it was such a blessing to be a part of this event, God was there.  There were three big trailers with hay to sit on, plus several autos involved on the trip.

Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.