Quad Cities

10-19-13. Dear Readers:

I hope something comes to mind for me to write about. There’s always the weather. We’ve been so lucky so far. No real cold temps yet and no snow. I don’t know how much longer our luck will hold out. It’s getting closer, but I always try to look on the positive side, if possible. I’ts just four more months until March. I know we always get some bad weather in March, but it doesn’t last long and is usually warmer. It sure seems good that Walt doesn’t have to get out and mow grass every few days or that he won’t have to shovel snow this winter and try to figure out how we will get up the lane to get my mail. It’s inside the building now. The laundry room next to this apartment then the mailboxes right next to that. They finally threw them away because they don’t forward them. I’ve mailed them two days ago for most of them and already getting them. And yesterday I went to the Tipton newspaper office and gave them my card I got from the welcome wagon for a free three month delivery of the paper and she gave me a free one and said it will be started next week. I still haven’t taken time  to get my free haircut. All kinds of offers coming in the mail for me being a new resident in Tipton.

Keenan Graves’s son, Keenan Jr. is working at the post offce in Tipton now so I’ve got to visit with him recently when I go in there. He’s a nice guy. He’s another big fan of Jeff’s and was asking me about the guitar that Waylon Jennings gave to Jeff. I told him it was still in the family. Another person wanted me to put it in an auction he was having to raise money for a synague and I told thim he would have to kill me and all my family to get that guitar.

I am so sad about the death of my second cousin, Timmy Caudill. He was my late cousin, Delbert Caudill’s son and his wife, Genola. Sadly enough, I know what she’s going through.

One of Walt’s nieces, Renee, who is the daughter of Walt’s late brother, Dale Allison, got married and moved to Muscatine so we’re going to meet her at Lisa’s place for lunch sometime. We’re looking forward to seeing her again. She’s nice and friendly and all of Dale’s kids are. He had three boys and three girls. I know many of you remember Dale. He lived east of Ava and was hauling wood in a trailer pulled by a tractor and it turned over and the wood landed on him and killed him. It was such a shame. Walt said Dale worked at the steel mill in Mansfield. Anyway, we look forward to seeing Renee more now. The last time we saw her and the rest of her amily was at their Uncle Ron Hipkin’s funeral.

Well, we came back home here on Tuesday and trying to get caught up around here. I’m trying to get some more things ready to take to Goodwill when we got to Muscatine Tuesday for my appointment at Vision Center. I saw him at his office in Tipton on the 3rd, but he always has me to go to his office in Muscatine for further tests on some machines he doesn’t have in Tipton. I had to get some new glasses and they were ready for me when I got back from the Cities. I like them. I can see better now. The doctor is still keeping a close watch on my eyes because of that glaucoma problem. He said I may have to get that laser surgery again. That sure does hurt. The eye surgeon zapped them over 30 times each and it felt like my eyes were exploding, but I’d gladly do it again if necessary because it is sure better than the alternative.

My brother, Claud said our cousin, Virgil, had moved back to Ava so I would like to talk to him before long. It will be by phone because I don’t know when I’ll ever get to Ava again. I hope I can sometime. Well, I didn’t sleep much last night and I’m about to put myself to sleep writing. We’ve got another beautiful sunshininny day. Thank you Lord.

Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.