Quad Cities

10-12-13 Well, good morning everyone. Today is the Big Day for Jarred and Candi. They’re in Michigan with his family and are getting married today. We would like to be there, but too far for us to drive and we’re needed here at their home to take care of their pets, so that way they can concentrate on their wedding and not worry about the pets. The pets are always glad to see us and act like they’re happy while we’re here. Wagging their tails the whole time. They’ve got a big cat named Moose and he’s always been afraid of us and runs if we happen to walk close to him. But this time he’s been looking at me and meowing a lot. Walt goes upstairs to make sure the two cats have plenty of food and water. All I can figure out is that he probably misses Candi. Then yesterday I got close to him and he didn’t run away and let me pet him. So I’m getting some head way with im. The other cat, Emmy, always likes for me to pet her and of course, all the dogs love to be petted. As we don’t have any pets of our own at least we can share theirs. The manager of the apartment said we could have a cat there and then she asked me one day if we were going to get a pet and I told her I didn’t think we would  and we would just share these pets with them. When I see little puppies and kittens on television it makes me want one so bad, but it hurts too much when they die. I still miss my little Jessy dog, but I was lucky to get to have him for just short of 16 years. Bless his little heart.

We came over here to East Moline, IL. on Friday the 4th and went to visit Frank Dee and took him some more tapes. Some really good cassettes of good country singers. He talked like he would take all of them to Goodwill, so I’m going to call him after awhile and ask him and if he’s not going to keep them I’ll get them back and keep the ones I really like and take the rest to Goodwill in Muscatine. Maybe give some to other people if they want them. Most people don’t have cassette players anymore. He’s got one in his basement, but said he hardly goes down there anymore.

We went by the cemetery where our friends, Marv and Black Cloud are buried to sort of “visit” with them a little while. We sure do miss them. We didn’t take any flowers because they don’t leave them on there and we’ve never seen any flowers on either one since they passed on. Such a shame and they’be both got families close to the cemetery. Just don’t understand the cold heartedness. They also take their vases off and the Shepherd hooks. If flowers are in the vases they don’t interfer with the mowing. That’s one good thing about the Rochester Cemetery where my son, Jeff, is buried. If you put flowers on there they stay until you take them off yourself.

We went out to Walt’s Mountain in the Hampton Park two days. It’s nicknamed Walt’s Mountain because he used to slide down it on sleds with his grandkids when they were younger. It’s a long steep hill. It doesn’t  look so steep until you start to climb it. He climbs it a lot when we go there and makes it look easy. Yesterday I climbed it, but couldn’t make it all the way to the top. He helped me up there and we stopped to rest several times and then he went back down and took pictures  of me up there, then he came back up and helped me back down. Our feet were sliding forward in our shoes and our toes were butting against the toes of the shoes and hurting them. Sometime I do want to go all the way because there’s a scenic overlook there and I’ve never seen it. I can see it from the highway looking up and there’s a picnic table. It would be a good place to eat a picnic lunch.

My State Farm agent had sent me a gift card for Whitey’s ice cream after I had sent him some funny pictures and wrote some silly things on them. I hadn’t ate at Whitey’s for a long time and Walt and I both got banana splits with two kinds of toppings on them and the whole works and we stopped by the house and ate some of them and then put them in the freezer and went over to the park to take pictures. So I’m going to send him one of me up there so  far you can barely see me and they still won’t know what I look like. And I’m going to say, “After I ate my Whitey’s ice cream I felt so good I went and climbed Walt’s Mountain backwards.” I’m sure they will get a laugh out of that too. Someday I will get around to stopping in to see them and say, “Howdy” and see if they can guess who I am.

Thursday night Bob and Mona Stephens and daughter, Mel, and Mona’s brother, Bud, stopped by. We hadn’t seen Bob, Mel or Bud for a long time. Mel said she hadn’t seen us for seven years so we were really glad to see her again. She and I hit it off the very first time we met, but she’s graduated from high school now and has a job and I guess she can’t get off work to come up her and of course, we haven’t been down there for a long time. Bud works for John Deere doing office work and they hadn’t seen him since he left. They sent him back here and he bought a house in East Moline so I hope he gets to stay. They send him on trips once in awhile for a couple weeks or so. Bob, Mona and Mel were on ther way to Michigan for the wedding. They’re supposed to stop here sometime tomorrow on their way gback to Ozark, MO. Then Jarred and Candi willl be home sometime Tuesday and we will head on back to our apartment in Tipton, Iowa and I will get back to work on the things there. I watched The American Pickers for a long time last night. They have a place in LeClaire, Iowa just up the river a few miles. The television show sure is interesting to watch. They pay a lot of money for the stuff they buy that mostly looks like junk to me, but they know what they’re doing. They always make a profit on it. I would like to show them some of the items I’ve still got from my auction days. I guess somebody stays there in their shop all the time.

One day this week I got some terribly sad and shocking news. My cousin, Edna Mae, of Nixa, MO. called to tell me her nephew who was my second cousin, had been found dead in his home. I believe he lived at Souder, MO. What a shame. I had heard he had heart trouble a long time ago, but didn’t know how bad it was or if that’s what killed him. He was my cousin, Delbert’s son and his first wife, Genola. Delbert passed away a few years ago, but I know it is very, very hard on Genola. I’m sorrry I couldn’t be there for the funeral. We just don’t travel that far anymore.

I heard that my cousin, Virgil Caudill, had moved back to Ava from Northern Missouri and bought a house. I was glad to hear that. Maybe I will get to see him if I ever get back down there.

We’re supposed to get rain today and it stayed dark and cloudy all morning, but now the sun is out so I think the rain missed us. Yesterday was 80 degrees with bright sunshine and breezy. Now it’s suppose to turn colder and be in the fifties for the high. That’s still good for the middle of October. The leaves are starting to turn pretty good here. Maybe when we come back next month they will be a lot better. Walt just now baked a pizza and brought me a big piece so I guess I better stop and eat it. There’s a lot of black squirrels here and they sure are pretty and fun to watch.

I better say take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.