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Apples, apples and more apples!  Will we ever get done processing apples?  Just when I was beginning to think we might have to go out and buy some apples this year, in order to do a bit of canning, it seems the good Lord blessed us with more apples than I truly know what to do with.  Not only do we have an abundance of apples, but they are the best kind, ones we picked off of the trees.  I believe apple season is my favorite.  We really enjoy the autumn weather, spending time together with family and friends picking the apples and then processing them and reaping the rewards of our labor by enjoying fresh tasting apples when the snow is flying and the biting wind is whistling through the trees.  I’ve probably mentioned this before, but picking fruit off of trees always reminds me of God’s promises, that He will provide.

After an afternoon of picking every last apple we could find, we proceeded to load the boxes and buckets into our vehicle.  Even the floor boards in the back were filled since we ran out of containers.  My daughter and I surveyed our bounty and agreed that we had been very blessed.  We then began to think about the labor we faced due to this blessing….and decided we better pray for the strength to get it all done.  It seems a good idea to me, that we work up what we need and then bless others with the rest.

One delicious recipe we found to use the apples in, is called an Apple Dapple Cake.  I’m sure several people are familiar with this cake, but we had never made it.  Let me tell you, it is a delectable concoction.  If you are interested in the recipe, simply email me at hillsofolga@gmail.com

This weekend we enjoyed taking a break from our labor and getting together with our church for fun, loads of food (we brought an Apple Dapple cake to share) and fellowship.  The children both young and older stretched their brains with a scriptural scavenger hunt.  It gave them a great opportunity to study the Word and have lots of fun doing it.  We appreciate you Kathy, for being extremely creative and organized, you are such a blessing to everyone!