Oak Grove Church

We have had a very busy and very blessed week this past week. Several of our congregation were involved with the Retreat/Reunion held Friday and Saturday, where the young folks and some of our more seasoned citizens came together to enjoy each others fellowship.

We were treated to music from the days of our youth and more contemporary numbers as well. The young people put on several skits, there were sack races, egg/sppon races, three legged races, horse-shoe pitchin’, ring toss, basketball toss, ping-pong, “fishing” for the little ones, and other games to play, then we all went on a great hayride. Everyone enjoyed the food and fun.

Ms. Ruth Evans gave the younger generation a rundown on what it was like to go to camp at Piland, when she was their age, and they loved it. That was before the camp had dorms, heating, air conditioning. For that mattter, that was before the sanctuary building was built. Hearing from Ms. Ruth made the camper appreciate many of the “modern” conveniences we have now.

After morning services this past Sunday we had a fellowship dinner, since some of you were not there, (we ate your share); I knew you would not want it to go to waste.

Next Sunday we will have your seat reserved so come and take advantage of it.

The planned morning message has something to do with, “flies,” well, that’s what I heard, come and see.