Oak Grove Church

You missed a great time of worship this last Sunday morning, if you didn’t attend worship services somewhere. The day the Lord gave us was beautiful and we enjoyed a time of fellowship before during and after services.

We attended an afternoon get-together, hosted by Dan and Anita Donley after morning worship services. We not only had a great time having lunch together, but then we were treated to a hayride, horse shoe pitchin’, scavenger hunt and music jam. Everyone had a wonderful time.

This coming weekend is the fall retreat/reunion at Piland Youth Camp. On Saturday we plan to have a hayride, the horse shoe pits are already there waiting, several musicians have been invited, other games are planned and of course we wouldn’t be good Baptists if we didn’t plan to feed everyone. Come and join us.

The planned message for Sunday the 27th, “Why,” you’ll need to be with us for morning worship service to find out, “Why.” Which reminds me, the reserved plaque was on your seat, come and worship with us, we really are saving you a seat.