Oak Grove Church

You really should have been there! In Sunday school we studied Abrams call out of Ur and God’s promise to make him the father of a great nation.

Then in worship service we addressed, “The Bible Story,” the way Jesus instructed the two disciples that he met on the road to Emmaus. He expounded to them, “starting with Moses, all things in scripture concerning him.” If we stop and consider that for just a moment we see all scripture in some way or another is relating something about him to us, or God the Father, and when taken all together it is not only, many individual Bible “Stories,” but in fact taken as a whole it is, “The Bible Story,” all about Jesus.

The evening message was entitled, “Spent All,” and focused on the “investment” we need to make in the Christian life. We are expected, and rightfully so, to give all to the Master, after all, “He Spent All” for us, we should also spend all for him.

Just on the horizon is the hayride, weenie-roast, Sunday afternoon (the 20th) at the Donley plantation north, bring your own lawn chair and musical instruments. The following Friday and Saturday (25th and 26th) will be a Reunion/Retreat at Piland Youth Camp. We hope to see you all there.

Sorry I forgot to put the “Reserved” placard out for your seat this last week and someone sat in your spot. I’ll try to remember, next Sunday, but due to my age and the onset of memory loss…you might want to come and take your seat early.