Oak Grove Church

Another beautiful Lord’s Day has passed. We hope you spent at least part of it in a church service somewhere. We were a small group on Sunday, but we praised and worshipped the Lord together and He gave us a most marvelous day.

Dirk and Susann Tempe from down Almartha/Souder way have become the proud parents of a new baby boy. They named him Riker Scout Tempe and from what his grandparents say, that would be Tom and Phyllis Bentley, we are given to understand he is quite handsome.

We studied the Tower of Babel in Sunday school and for the morning message, what scripture and Christ had to say about the terminal condition of those who are “Spiritually Blind.”

Before our evening worship service we had choir practice and joyful time in the Lord. Then our evening message was “Healthy Branches,” and we learned some interesting facts about the art and science of growing grapes.

We still have a “Reserved” seat for any and all who would like to come and be our guest. But if you come and prefer some other seat, feel free to sit wherever you like, and we will try to make you feel at home.

Toward the end of this month (October), we are looking forward to, two hayrides wih the youngsters of all ages. The first will be on Sunday the twentieth, of October, at the Donley Plantation, North; and the latter will be the following Sunday the 27th, which will be at Piland Youth Camp. You are invited to join us for one or both of these events. If you like to play an instrument, bring it along, and it would be an added treat. We hope to see there.