Norwood Gleanings


God does some of His best painting in the fall. I am looking out at the trees and they are just beginning to change. I would love to take a drive down through Arkansas through the hills and hollers, but that’s not happening this week, but I’ll tell you what is. Norwood has lost a business, the tire shop out on E Hwy. closed Thursday the 18th. Roy Kinsinger has decided to move to Seymour. We hate to lose a business, but if you are bettering yourself, we understand.

We  did pick up a new business, but it won’t help a lot of people, but he may help a few. Andy Borntrager moved into Bob and Juanita Sinnings old place. He cleans and oils saddles, new horse tack, holsters, knife sheaths and does horse shoeing

I am looking for a 1963 Norwood yearbook. If anyone has one to give away or that I can buy, please call me at 746-1112.

Bathroom tile and kitchen cabinets are the only thing standing in Travis and Mykala’s way of moving in. My brother, Lonnie Bruffett, will be doing some more of the cement work outside and then the Coatneys will be home free. It’s been a long hall, but I’m sure they think it’s worth it.

Ronnie Atchison had an add-on room put on a few years back, and to be honest, it wasn’t done right. But Ronnie and Janet sank all their money in it and now it’s falling in and with the problems with Ronnie’s health fading, he wanted to see it fixed. So my brother Lonnie and Chad are going to tear it down. Ronnie has done more for this town than anyone I  know and he would have loved to see that room done for Janet.

Around 11:15 Saturday night, Ronnie Atchison took his last breath on this earth and stepped over into glory land. He didn’t put much emphasis on worldly things, but he did leave his family with the assurance where he will be.

Another business that is in the works is the old beauty shop. My sister-in-law, Dana Bruffett is going to rent it and open it back up. So ladies, there’s another beauty shop coming to town.

Mark Hill has his sawmill up and going again.

Our anniversaries this week are Lavern and Josephine on the 20th. Jamie and Angela Coatney on the 22nd. Roy and Maria Bontrager on the 24th and Loren and Tina Saladin on the 27th. Congratulations to you all for putting up with one another.

Fun Facts: Our city park was built in 1985. Those assisting were Floyd Wright, Mike Parker, Ronnie Richardson, Ronnie Atchison and David Richardson.

Thoughts: This thought was for me. Think twice before you speak especially if you intend to say what you think!

Until next week, God bless our little town.