Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. Sometimes I get criticized because I don’t spell someone’s name just right or I have been known to write down a couple’s anniversary just to find out they had been divorced for a couple of years or for other reasons, but today I went to the mailbox and an 88 year old lady that can’t hardly see anymore sent me a card with a letter of thoughts that she took the time to write down. And I would like to say I appreciate you, Gladys Mooneyham from Mansfield. You made my day.

Seniors Dinner was on the 8th and their were 19 that showed up. They were Pastor Zach and wife Tammy Williams, Louis Williams, Linda, Shirley and Donna Sue Cottengim, Gale Robertson, Ruth Bradshaw, Delta Forrest, Jack Barnett, Earlene Dennis, Leon Pendergrass, Jr. and Alberta Steinart, Kay Woods, Brook Jenkins, Joann Sanders, Bonita Raney and the lady that makes all this possible, Linda VanderBogart. The next dinner will be November 12. Hope you all can come.

Ronnie Atchison is home and seems to be doing well. He wants to invite all of his friends to come and see him anytime.  Norwood Assembly of God came and sang Saturday afternoon and he loved that and appreciated that very much.

We want to say get well to Joyce Shaw and Lyle Bradshaw. They both went to the hospital this week.

Donnie Kelly had a heart attack Sunday evening. They did surgery on him Monday afternoon, a triple by-pass. As many Kellys as there are, I bet they had a waiting room just for the Kellys. Ha, ha! Don, we wish you well.

Wilkie and Donna Sue Cottengim had a renewal of their vows on their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday. Donna Sue was a happy bride again.

Saturday was a busy day because Ed and Joan Williams celebrated with their family and a few friends at Caudle Church, 60 years together. Joan said, “I’m working on 70 now.” Isn’t that a wonderful accomplishment? I bet the church was full with just their family alone, because she or I should say they have a huge family too.

Connie told me at the post office that she has been getting calls wondering if the post office is closing? No, it is not closing. They are just routing the mail carriers out of Mountain Grove instead of starting in Norwood.

There will be a school board meeting on the 16th and they will have school a half day on the 17th and no school on the 18th. My kids are looking forward to that, except parents and teachers conferences will be going on.

Marcha Whipple says she has the best Heinz-57 hunting dogs anyone could ask for and they are free. You can call her at 746-2024.

Donnie Reed at the Norwood Cafe called me about having a Thanksgiving dinner on the 24th on Sunday. I will give more details later, but I can tell you this, it is for the handicapped and elderly and it also is free. You can dine in or it can be delivered to you locally.

Congratulations to three of the Norwood Lady Pirates, Emily Chadwell, daughter of Shawn and Shelly Chadwell, Madison Crane, daughter of Shannon and Julie Crane and Jenna Ogletree, daughter of Jeff and Jennifer Ogletree. The softball team ended the season 14-8. The boys ended theirs, 11-5.

Fun Facts: In 1981 Norwood’s Centennial there were three boys that ran in an old fashion costume contest. Shawn Chadwell, son of Joe and Theresa Chadwell won first place, second place was Matt Anderson, son of Steve and Sandy Anderson and third was Michael Wright, son of Joe and the late Eva Wright.

This thought was given to me by Gladys. Thought: Cheer up! Birds also have bills but they keep on singing. (That’s hard to do sometimes).

Until next week, God bless our little town.