Norwood Gleanings

Howdy. Sherry McIntosh was so happy to see the community come out last Saturday and support the Senior Project Graduation Drive. Wehr Ford was happy too. There was around $3,500 raised.

It was also a full day down at the ball fields. Our Norwood girls took second place in the tournament but only lost first place by 1 point. They gave them a run for their money and the ballgame wasn’t just handed to them, they had to work for it.

We went to Willow Springs Thursday evening and played a good game too. We lost 4-3, again it was a great game.

Tuesday we play Bakersville and the weekend will be spent in Rolla in another tournament. Wish us luck.

Methodist Church is still looking for a piano player on Sunday mornings. If you feel led to play there, give Pastor Ura Hardin a call.

School will be dismissed a half a day on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Ronnie Atchison was in the Seymour nursing home and came home, but he fell and they took him back to the hospital all in one week’s time. His kidneys are shutting down and so now they will be calling in hospice and their plans are to send him home. There is not one person in this town that loved his Lord, family, friends and community more than him and I personally appreciate him for all that he has given to our little town.

Our anniversaries this week are Rick and Cathy (Gray) Calhoun celebrating 32 years on the 2nd. Ed and Joan Williams, parents of nine children, 29 grandchildren, and 50 great grandchildren, will celebrate 60 years on the 4th, along with Gary and Judi Rowland celebrating 51 years together. Isn’t this awesome? There is a song written years ago that said, “Doesn’t Anyone ever Stay Together Anymore.” Well, we know a few couples that stuck it out. Here is another one, Wilk and Donna Sue Cottengim were married 50 years ago on the 5th and are renewing their vows again this weekend.

Gary Watts is home and doing better each day.

I went by and saw Nikki Schroeder and she had her stitches taken out. She had back surgery and she said, “I feel so much better.” She had gone so long with a bad back and it was causing one of her legs to hurt all the time.

I had to work at the sale barn so I couldn’t go to Farmers Day, but everyone said it was a lot of fun. Our annual newlywed game was won by Jackie and Jeremy Edwards. Their prize was a trip to Branson Bell. Kristy Roscho won the calf.

I heard through the grapevine that we may be getting our Christmas parade back this year. It is going to be put on by churches to try to get the true meaning of Christmas out. Speaking of Christmas, it’s that time of year that everyone starts picking out plays at their church and we have got a great comedy this year at Union Grove. I will tell the time and date later.

The final touches are being put on Travis and Mykila’s house. The cabinets will be put in this weekend and Roy Kinsinger has volunteered his help. Also Chad will be building the decks on front and back of the house. They are getting so excited to get in, it’s getting closer.

Thought: Don’t give up: By perseverance the snail reached the ark.

Until next week, God bless our little town.