Mt. Tabor Church

Church began with reading of the devotional and prayer by Sister Hellen. We continue to have many on the list, some traveling, some scheduled for surgery, and others just away at this time. We were glad to have visitors, hope they continue to come.

Brother Ric read Ecc. 4:12, speaking about having friends and helping one another.  In order to have friends we must shew ourselves friendly.

We sang Happy Birthday last week to Sister Nina Carter.

Huba Pruiett came by to visit Mae Cox recently. Mae and Donna had gone by to visit Josephine Peebles and says she is still recuperating from her broken hip. They had also stopped by for a short visit with Jo Stephens a couple of Sundays ago.

Martin Hathcock’s company this past week was Ronda Soto, on Sunday, who accompanied Martin to church, Pat Smith, Sunday afternoon, and Jim Hathcock, Sunday night. Martin, along with other relatives, attended a 4th birthday party, for “Little Jack”, at Jack and Peggy Armstrong’s.

Martin enjoyed having his nephew, James Hathcock, treat him to lunch, Tuesday. We send our best wishes to James who will be having knee replacement this week.

Jadon and Kayley Lansdown, spent Friday night with Ronnie and Pat Lansdown. Patrick and Jill O’Neal, of Ada, Ok., also arrived at the Lansdown home that night. The Lansdowns hosted a fish fry at their home, with Paul Cox as the cook, with the following in attendance: Jeanne Cox, Buster Davis, Kevan and Haley Richards and Garrett, Doug and Kristie Lansdown, West Plains,  Catie Patterson, and Nick Shortt. Jenna and Jessie Davis were missed but had to work, and Casey Guerin called to visit, since her girls were both sick. Jill and Patrick also visited with Myrl Cox since she was not up to coming. The O’Neals attended a  Keith Urban concert Sunday night, then returned home Tuesday morning.

Vicky Burdan arrived from Sacramento, Ca., Friday afternoon, to spend several days with the Harold Hutchisons and their family.  Jeff and Kristy Tackett, came to visit her, as did Kim Clements and Morgan, and Jewell Elliott. They also visited at their work with Dylan Clements and Sarah Claussen and Jerry and Perry Pool.

Vicky and Kay attended church Sunday night at Girdner Church to hear Sister Maxine Lund preach.

James and Tom Elliott attended the East Dogwood School Reunion, Saturday.

Jewell Elliott was in St. Charles, Saturday and Sunday, taking part in a bowling tournament, along with several other ladies from Ava.