Mt. Tabor Church

As always, we began with singing and prayer requests, thankful for the blessings of rain, and prayers answered. We always appreciate our visitors.

Brother Ric read Colossians 1, all things were created by Him. Our Christian faith is founded on the creation by an all powerful God, and we believe it, without wavering.

Again, a reminder the Piland/Missouri Assn. reunion will be the last Saturday of the month. There will be things for the young folks to participate in, before hand, so check the calendar if you are interested.

We continue to have church without music, and would like to encourage anyone that plays and doesn’t have a regular church to come and share with us.

Kenny and Michelle Lietch, of Marshfield, were hosts for their annual fish fry, this past weekend. They had a large crowd, all the crappie you could eat and other dishes, also, and lots of good music. Those attending from Ava were: Gary and Carol Herd, Larry and Marsha Miller and Kalynn, Chestene Lietch, Dillon Cheyney and Dustin Reed.

Dylan Clements and Sarah Claussen visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Sunday evening. They had attended the Kansas City Chiefs/New York Giants, football game in Kansas City.

Dan and Kim Clements visited Harold and Kay Monday afternoon. They have been visiting and helping care for Danny’s dad, Carl, who has not been very well.

Martin Hathcock’s company Sunday afternoon was his grand-daughter, Meghan and her daughter, of  Bolivar. Ronda Soto spent last Monday with Martin and Pat Smith and daughter, Charlee, also visited.