Little Creek

Hello to all my friends from Little Creek.

It is cloudy and chilly this Monday morning. We have had 2-1/2 inches of rainfall in the last two bouts of rain. We are thankful and so appreciative of the very nice summer. The landscape is unusually green with a hint of color in the trees. A few trees such as the walnut, have already lost their leaves.

The autumn season is the one I look forward to the most. Fall has always been my favorite of the four seasons which the Lord favored us with. I think it would be dull to have always the same. I was always happy to have my garden harvested with evidence of the hard work involoved with preserving the bounty, gracing my shelves.

And the beauty of our colorful Ozark hills as if tryin to dazzle our senses is beyond words to describe.

Not much news since I haven’t been to club for awhile and I missed church yesterday.

I talked to my sister, Jo, yesterday. Her son, Chris and Kelly Jo, her granddaughter were with her. Chris’ son, Brian, was married this weekend. Congratulations to Brian and wife.

My visitors have been Karen, Kasey, Burr and Charlie.

I wish to give my appreciation to Claire Herrell Graham for the encouragement and the compliment. Karen told me of her visit with you, Claire. That has to be the very best compliment I have ever received.

If you’re interested Claire says she looks for my itmes in the Herald and when I haven’t written anything that the paper just isn’t nearly as good. My lands! I am just overwhelmed!

I have heard many comments lately about  the signs of a bad snowy winter. The spoon inside the persimmon seems to be prevalent, indicating we’re in for a colder winter than we’ve been used to lately with lost of shoveling. The spoon indication the shovel of course. Well, since I don’t shovel I have to let nature take care of things and since Autumn, just now on our doorstep, will soon be over too soon, we should be getting ready to cope with winter, the best being that it leads into spring, when everything will be reborn.

And next to autumn spring is my second best season. Spring was a joyous and busy time in my yesteryears. After being cooped up all winter, the sunshiney promise of new things caused Mom to look at our humble little home with an eye toward brightening it up.

First the bedding, including the slats and frames, were carried outside amd cleaned, all except the mattresses with lye and boiling water to make sure we never had bed bugs.

The straw tick mattress were fluffed and aired, but we would have to wait until threshing season to have them renewed with new straw. That would be another event to look forward to when our beds would once again be so high that we needed help climbing into them.

Then the floors would be cleaned and bleached new with lye water and next magazine pages would be posted over the old yellowed and memorized walls. Mom made her own paste out of flour and water boiled and with maybe other ingredients. New print feed sack curtains were hung. I can almost smell how clean our little abode smelled and how happy we were just anticipating that soon we would be out making playhouses and helping garden and very soon swimming in Little Creek. You can be sure we did not know the now common phrase, “I’m bored.”

I have had several inquiries about my book and I will tell you that there has been progress the past few days. After I had several days of illness recently, I had put everything aside and couldn’t seem to get back into it. But it will soon be finished and now I must begin to look into getting it published since there has been a lot of interest locally.

I have always been a reader and a writer of sorts. I write for my own pleasure and I have written news for the Herald for around 40 years. I have just written of people I have known and what they have done in life and that is what my book is about.

I think what we have done in life will soon be a sealed book. And something to think about is that we can’t change it, whether good or bad it will stand as it is written. I hope I have not marked up pages in my book with unkind words to someone. I hope to have written in my life’s book an umblemished account of fairness, kindesss, and empathy for those I have encountered along the way.  For the choices we make and the record we write will stand as written and will determine if we have a happy ending to our life’s story.

Just something to think about and in thinking may we all leave a book worth reading.