Little Creek

Last weeks news – Sept. 22nd – This Sunday we had a very good lesson with a very good teacher leading scripture study and discussions. It was good to have Jim Frye in church after spending four day in the hospital. I think he was very happy to be back. He gave his testimony and thankful everyone for their prayers. We missed Ron and Bev and Jo and Vickie, also Devon.

Burr preached a good sermon using several scriptures as his text. He presented Nicole Degase her certificate of baptism. Congratulations, Nicole, we’re happy you have chosen to follow Jesus and his teachings.

We are small in number, but with everyone in accord and willing to accept the others view points. In fact discussion is always good. And most country churches now-a-days have small congregations. I am most appreciative of my church family. Burr, Ruth and I visited John Haskins in the rest home Sunday afternoon and stayed for church services with good singing and preaching. I understand it was the Sandy Church. I talked a bit with Linda Aid Roberts and her mother after services. Sunday was a near perfect day with not one cloud in the sky and I enjoyed the Lord’s Day to the fullest.

Karen has been helping to clean my house as has Ruth, for which I am thankful. I was happy to have bedding changed most of all and vacuuming. I tried to push the vacuum cleaner and found it too hard and I cut my hand getting it started. So I was happy to have Karen show up. It is so hard to face the fact that what used to be so easy to do is now defintitely too hard.

Karen brought me the most beautiful peppers and Charilie brought sweet cucumbers, and large jalapenoes. Every garden product seems better in the fall, possibly because we know we will have to be without good produce until next summer.

Haven’t we had an enjoyable summer with everything still green and lush and with big bales of hay most plentiful! So much to be thankful for.

The Hootin’ An’ Hollarin’ judges picked a beautiful queen this year. We all thought Kendra Tetrick was the right choice, but we may have been a little prejudiced. Congratulations Kendra.

This weeks news – I didn’t have news the past two weeks and Candy Lane called as she usually does to see if I was okay.

I had news written before, but no one came to put it in the box, so I’ll include as olden news.

When I start to write of happenings here about, I think “what will I write?” because often no one calls with news. Well this week I have news. I spent Friday afternoon visiting and reminiscing with three ladies who are now friends and they are Zada Purtle from Ava and her sister, Naomi Porter from Squires and their cousin Jeane Robinson from Spokane, Washington.

We spent a few delightful hours talking of old times, old timers, and places of our youth and the time passed too soon.

Jeane lived on the Cummings place in 1936 and went to 2nd grade at Clark School on Little Creek. Her parents were Blaine and Ann Robertson. She has a younger brother, Jim. She says her favorite memory is of the spring with water cress growing profusely all along its path to the creek. It still grows there.

Zada, Naomi and I all had Mrs. Florence Garrison as our English teacher in Ava High. And we all agreed that Mrs. Garrison was the very best teacher to ever grace the halls of Ava School. A good memory of an unforgettable woman.

I appreciae Candy’s concern and certainly enjoyed her phone call. I am anticipating a visit from her soon.

I missed church this Sunday due to a restless night and oversleeping this morning. Burr and Ruth came after church bringing a pot of chili to share with me. It was so very good and the company was appreciated also. It is chili weather.

Kasey came later before having the leave out on the truck.

Charlie came Saturday bringing cucumbers. He also had squash and cucumbers for Hester. We appreciate the produce very much.

Martha Lee, Jim Frye’s sister and John came to Jim and Jean’s Saturday. Also the Frye’s daughter, Katrice, spent the weekend and attended church Sunday. They all enjoyed the music and dancing at the Squires Firehouse Saturday night and little Autum Cadence Miller was at Ma’s and Pa’s this weekend also.

Hello to all my friends…Lorene, Ruth, Maxine, Betty, Lynda and everyone who read my news.

I must mention Brooksie Graves who wrote me a note that she reads my news. She lives near Columbia. I appreciate you so much Brooksie for the encouragement.

And I also appreciate Avis for the dvd. I listened today while Kasey was here.

My friend from Arizona, via Ozark County Missouri, called me. It’s always a pleasure to hear from her though I have never met Avis Trent Johnson.

I do however know of her people and some I know personally. Retha Trent is her cousin and her dad, Retha’s was “Little” Johnny Wilkerson. He made these hills round about sing with his magic with a fiddle and a bow. I think Little John had no formal musical training, but God gave him a natural talent. Retha and Myrtle inherited his gift of music and possible others in the family.

When they all meet at Retha’s they sing, play and dance the hours away.

Avis sent me a dvd of her son’s music. He writes songs as they are given to him and he gives all the credit to God. So they are divinely inspired. I’m anxious to listen and am waiting for my children to come to play if for me.

Avis has a farm at Pontiac, MO. in partnership with her daughter so she spends time “at home.”

We all know where home is and that’s where we always want to be no matter how far we stray.

I have been so blessed because these hills are where I was born and where I have always been. I have no desire to be other places and I appreciate Him giving me the gift of contentment. I visit other places through the pages of the books I read. Florence Garrison instilled in me the love of books and she could read a poem or a story and make the pages come alive.

When I taught children I made sure they could read because then they can learn by themselves and I hope I inspired them to love books. I used the last hour every Friday reading to my students and we read Tom Sawyer, Little Women, Robinson Caruso, and such books and the older children were exposed to Evangeline, Miles Standish and John Alden and Annabelle Lee and others as their assignments. I hope I inspired some as did my most beloved teacher inspired me.

I spent this morning reading of Abram and Sarai and Isaac and Ishamael.

Until next time, have a good week.