Little Creek

Isn’t this glorious weather? Something  to be so thankful for.

Burr’s sermon yesterday had the message of thankfulness.

We should not groan and complain, which seems to be the norm, but rather we should thank our God for all the blessings He bestows upon us. We are not going to change His plan so why worry and fret over every little thing and never realize how good we have things.

I am so thankful for family and friends, and especially my church family.

I appreciate my home, my country, my freedom to worship, and I have too many things to be thankful for to list them all.

Let’s take a few minutes each day to count our blessings and when we pray to tell our Savior how apprecative we are for everything.

My visitors were Karen, my daughter and right hand helper and Kasey, my son and heavy duty helper, and my other son, Burr, also my everyday helper and coffee chatter and Kevin via phone visitor, my oldest son who tells me he loves me every day.

Burr and Ruth had chili with me after church Sunday and Charlie was my only other visitor. He came bearing beautiful cucumbers and to talk because he gets lonesome now that Nina is living in another town. He brings me news of the family. Good news worth repeating is that Mike Jones is getting treatment for his problems and it was not cancer. Thanks be to Jesus.

We all keep Mike and Lucy in our prayers, and I know Mike puts his faith in God above all else.

I called my sources for news, my two sisters, and they are both gone from home today apparently.

I was in church with Jo yesterday and Jean was at Glade Top Trail event supporting her grandson, Tony Ingerson. He was one of the performers singing the songs he writes.

I’m sure the view was spectacular with all the beautiful foilage.

I used to love being there.

It’s beginning to get colorful around here, but there is a lot of green still yet. Summer seems reluctant to leave. And it has been a summer for our memory book.

I have to say thank you to Kathy Valentine and Linda at my bank for the encouragement to keep writing the news. I get your compliments through Karen and I love you, all my friends.

Talked to Lorene Rippee by phone, my sister in Christ and my sister by choice. She wasn’t feeling well and I’m requesting prayer for her. One year ago yesterday Lorene’s precious daughter, Cindy, was called home to Jesus. She is missed every day. Love you, Lorene.

I have a temporary new aide and she is fascinated that I have written Little Creek news for so many years. She asks, “How do you not run out of things to write?” And I tell her I just get pen and paper and start writing what I know and then wherever my thoughts take me.

And I have run out of anything further to write this week.

I appreciate the Herald for printing what I write and for deciphering my hand written items.

Until next week be happy and be thankful.

More – my sister Jean called finally. She was thankful to Brandon and Brittain for coming to help Jimmy and her daughter, Robyn and grandkids, Ashley and Keven were visitors, also Brady and Bub.

Jean said the preaching and singing at Glade Top picnic grounds was very good, but colors were sparcely scattered among the still dominant green forest.

And we were happy Wendy’s children came to church Sunday.