The fall days have been nice. Zelda Jones says she hates to see fall because she knows winter is next. My Dad said it seemed lonesome to him. Speaking of lonesome, I think High Lonesome is two words instead of one. I guess as long as you know what it means it doesn’t matter. You look back on school pictures and it’s mainlyprinted as two words.

Everyone is waiting on the rain they are predicting for Saturday evening and it got here. My brother, Rex Halcomb, visited us Saturday. He attended the Molasses Making at the Stillings last Saturday.

Deb and Sybil Harvill and Shirley Clark went to Ozark a week ago and got Sybil a nice new television. The walking around made her legs sore. Her leg she had surgery on where she fell in the hospital still slows her down.

Friday evening I visited Juanita Powell and enjoyed seeing Jerry, her dad’s chickens. She fastened them up for the night and gathered the eggs. Mom sure loved her chickens. Her great niece, Crissie Coaltrain, visited us Sunday. James and me had a good fishing trip Thursday. A little windy, but being out sure was nice.

The picture of the starved dog in the Herald last week was pitiful. After loving care he looked so spry and good. You would not of thought it was the same dog. How can people be so cruel?

Ozark Wal-Mart in the garden center is already decorating for Christmas and it was still September. I have heard Christmas in July, I guess we can say Christmas in September.

While walking Saturday morning Gary and Dillon Morrison came by. He had over looked my column. It was down low on the bottom of the page. They were going to meet their log man. They have hauled out some big trees.

I talked to Lyn Halcomb and she now has her first great grandchild. Her daughter, Vickie’s daughter, Crystal and her daughter made her great grandma, Harmony Renee, probably spelled wrong, but I gave it a shot.

Josh Sisco and Ashley Stevens will be married at Chadwick Baptist Temple on Oct. 19. We wish them the best. They had a nice shower at the church recently.

Joe and Sue Rozell had company for four days with friends of theirs.

Bill and Sue Guerin and Ervin Maggard visited Iona Maggard Sunday.

God blessed us with 70 present for church. I hope they got everyone counted. It is hard. Another blessing our young people sang, led by Hailey Roberts and Melany Stevens at the piano.

Danny Herd’s dad, Joe, is in the hospital. Get-well wishes are sent. And we pray for a success for Deb (Hodges) Hall and my cousin, Ronnie Thomas who both have to have surgeries.

Several from church attended the revival at Union Hill.

Bob and Lou Rains, George and Shirley Jones left church early to attend their baptizing, they baptized two.

Remember the revival at Eastern Gate with Bro. Ray Dobbs. He is a good speaker and Sparta First Baptist on Thursday. Bro. Rick Jones will be their speaker. Both revivals start Oct. 6.

A little boy told his teacher I wanted to bring you an apple, but Mom said you’d probably prefer a bottle of aspirin.

Have a great weekend.