It sure would be nice to have a nice long fall, but the way the temps are it maybe short lived. The geese are traveling day and night.

We picked up some walnuts and hope to finish them in the next few weeks. Some sure love to hang on as long as possible.

We chatted with Doug Nelson Friday. He was working up a sweat cutting wood.

Halloween is around the corner. All the little ghost and goblins will soon be out. Hope they all have a good time.

Sympathy sent to the Caudill family and Swearengin. Also heard Boyd Conrad passed away. We love you, Betsy.

Saturday James and me attended the outdoor wedding of Josh Sisco and Ashley Stevens. Rev. Clint Johnson read the vows before a very large crowd. They had it decorated very pretty.

Junior and David Halcomb visited us Sunday evening. Rex and Shirley Halcomb visited us Monday evening.

Sunday 61 attended at Garrison Church. We had a good music service. Jeff Parnell and his sister, Lisa sang as well as her daughter. They are very good. They had a good dinner. Church services were dismissed Sunday night. Hopefully next Sunday evening they will meet for trash pickup and hayride and weiner roast.

I think mother nature has got messed up. The frost bush bloomed a while back. Sunday evening while walking a hornets nest was high in a tree. I have seen this one and heard of another one being high and two being low. The squirrels are carrying and burying walnuts. The world is so messed up, maybe they are like those at the White House, just don’t know how to handle the situation. They say all signs fail in a drought. And I guess in a mess like our country is in.

Christy Lakey baked her mother-in-law, Goldie, a birthday cake and granddaughter, Shelby Crossland iced it. They and the rest of the Lakey family had supper together honoring Goldie’s birthday. Wish you many more.

Have a good weekend.