Saturday we had a wonderful rain. My nephew, David Halcomb, gave me green beans. I canned a cooker and we have plenty to eat. He sure had a good garden. I think he got his green thumb from me. Yeah, right. His folks and both sides of his family of grandparents were good gardeners.

James and me attended two nights of the revival at Sparta First Baptist and heard Bro. Jeremy Gilbert and Bro. Rick Jones, both did a good job.

Bro. Ray Dobbs preached at Eastern Gate. We enjoyed it. Our church at Garrison had planned to attend Wednesday and Thursday to support the men. Jeremy has preached a while now, but Rick has just started. He wants to be sure what God wants him to do.

Connie Siler sat with Deb (Hodges) Hall family during her surgery. She visited her after surgery and spent most of Friday with her. She went through it good and Ronnie Thomas’ surgery was a success. Get-well wishes sent their way.

Junior and David Halcomb visited us Saturday morning and brought some sweet potatoes. He stopped by his Aunt Sybil Harvill’s and left her some. Our supper tonight is sweet taters and green beans out of David’s garden.

Sympathy sent to the Linda Nelson family. Her mother passed away.

Saturday while walking I noticed the wild grapes are ripe. We chatted with Bo and George Morrison. I was out in the yard later and some geese went over. It seems early for them. I have heard of two hornets nest being low this year. That is a sign of a mild winter. The prediction is more snow than usual and above cold temperatures. We will see.

Sunday at Garrison Church Tom Stevens sang a special and his daughter-in-law, Melany sang a special. We were glad to see our visitors.

Sunday night Coria Michael sang. She is such a sweet young lady. Pastor James Orick brought the message. Sunday night several said they wished they had his message recorded and sent to the White House. After church Sunday night Brett and Melany Stevens, Clarissa Massey and Coria Michael and James and me had chili and cake at Tom and Fay Stevens. She is a very good cook.

November 3rd Garrison Baptist Church will be holding a revival.  Speakers are Sunday night, Ronnie Pinckney; Monday night, Rick Jones; Tuesday night, Clint Johnson; Wednesday night, David Koenig; Thursday night, Jon Mitchell Sr.; Friday night, Bob Long; Saturday night, Jeremy Gilbert; Sunday night, Melvin Fanning. Bring your special music. Everyone welcome. Pastor is James Orick.

Thursday James and me visited Louise Hampton at Sparta. She and Preston were grocery shopping.

James and I chatted with Dillon and Carol Morrison Monday. They and his sister, Huba Rozell, visited Dillon and Huba’s sister, Ortha Lawrence.

Jeff Parnell and his sister, Lisa, will be singing during the Sunday morning services with dinner afterwards, at Garrison Church, all are welcome.

Have a good weekend.