Friday evening we attended the Chadwick Carnival. Several children from Garrison Baptist Church attend school there and were attendants in the carnival. We visited with a lot of folks. Janie Morrison and her niece, Phyllis Bloomer, attended. I chatted a few minutes with another cousin, Huba Rozell. She helps at the carnivals. She is also the Chadwick postmaster. Marvin and Peggy Hampton had a pretty granddaughter all dressed up.

I thought I did not have much to write, but some gave me some news. Thank you for that.

Monday night James and I attended the revival at Eastern Gate. Bro. Ray Dobbs was the speaker.

Rev. Jerry and Donna Loveland were at church Monday night. I visited with Donna some. Jerry will be preaching at Mt. Olive (Highlonesome) for a while. Sunday school starts at 10 a.m. and church service at 11 a.m. Everyone welcome.

Junior, David and Rex Halcomb all have visited us.

Juanita and Raina Powell visited Jerry Nelson and some of his other kids and grandkids visited over the weekend.

Keith Williams has grandma, Sybil Harvill’s yard decorated for Halloween.

We stopped by Iona Maggard’s as we went to church Monday. I took her the Ozark Headliner News and she gave me the Springfild News-Leader each had an article of the same topic we wanted to read. Ervin and Sandra Maggard and Valerie Austin visited her on Sunday and Ervin comes during the week also.

Sunday 59 was on the board at Garrison Church. Sue Guerin got sick before Sunday school and Bill took her home. Church had altar prayer for her. Melany Stevens sang a beautiful song. James preached Sunday and had another good altar service. Sunday night was a deacon’s meeting and we practiced on new songs. We are like all the churches, we could use your help. All are most welcome.