Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home, the girls were wanting a new jig-saw puzzle started, so last night I seperated the border pieces and put the border together for them, but it may be too hard for us to.  It will give them a chance to try it.  They like that.

Tonya came and gave her approval of the angel this morning and said I could use the therapy room tonight to spray the weather-proof coating upon her.  After it is well set, Rocco will establish her outside again. I hesitate to put her out when it is raining, so I will wait until the rain is over and sun is shining.

The Men’s Bible Study was interesting this morning and there was good discussion. There is good interest all around in Bible Study, although attendance at the study groups depends a lot on our physical conditions for we do have our problems and attend as we can.  The leaders are volunteers and we certainly appreciate their dedication.

And GAME TIME gets really fun at times, for instance, the guys got to winning every game the other day and we girls were going to tape their mouths shut so they could not holler “Bingo”.  It was Danny Ousley and Bill Herrington-they finished by even winning “cover-all”.  They were really “Champs” that day, but sometimes the girls win the most-but not that good!.

Connie has put a plea for all worn-out overalls for our costumes for the Golden Age Games, we are going as the Hillbilly Moonshiners.  What a day it will be!

I had company today, several of my family visited, Danny took the angel outside and waterproofed her for me and stayed untill she dried and brought her back in to my table.  Now that was a job well done, and I really thanked them.  Afterward we put the “angel” up on Alesia’s desk and later on the entry floor until Tonya and Marion established her outisde in her original place.  We hope you will like her new look.

Yes, on Wednesday we were host to the blood moblie.  They were very busy and quite late getting moved out-hardly in time to be able for us to serve supper.  But it is for a good cause.

Today-Thursday Carol Carson,  and church singers were here with good music and testimonies. Carol played piano and  Vic played the guitar.  They drew a crowd of an attentive audience.

We hope Connie is enjoying her vacation.  They were planning to tour the Smokey Blue Ridge Mountains.  It’s beautiful this time of the year.

We appreciate all the volunteers who called games and did activities for us while Connie was on vacation; Tracy, Whitney and Jayma from Three Rivers Hospice, Evelyn from Hospice Compassaus and  Carrie McIntosh. We appreciate all the church groups and singers who were here volunteering for our residents.

While I was out of my room after doing my housekeeping I came in to find the girls had made my bed with a new quilted spread, a beautiful wine-red color and I really enjoy it.  Saturday we finished  our pink satin and kitty jig-saw puzzle.  I know Connie will be surprised!

This is Sunday and the day for Sunday School and worship.  Sunday School at 9:30 was well attended.  At 2:00 LIFE Church was here to play and sing and talk about life and the Lord.  Edgar played his guitar, some songs he and his father had written–really lovely!

Later, with more time to fill, Jean Huff played piano and she and her mother, Maxine Lirley, sang a few favorite church songs to honor the Lord on this wonderful day.

Then Jean took me outside on a journey to enjoy the day and check on the beautiful yellow pears hanging in the top of our rest house pear tree.  They look really ripe, but these pears are the kind that have to be wrapped and seasoned a while to be mellow and edible when raw, but are really good and juicy then.

And while outside we visited with Ellis Pollard, Jesse and Whitney and their two young boys who had brought their bikes to ride and were having a good time doing that on this glorious day.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the families of Kerman McSwain and Lewis Suits, they went home to be with the Lord this week.  We shall miss them and their special families.

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are Glenda Haynes, Roy Wilson and Norma Campbell.   And we are glad to have our residents home from the hospital.  God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.