Happy Home Church

We had one great weekend at Happy Home Church, Saturday at 1:00 pm we had our popcorn preaching; what a wonderful time we had in the Lord.  We began with prayer and a few songs and then the Holy Spirit began to move, our first preacher to hit the floor was Bro. Doug Irwin then those to follow were Bro. Toby Sanders, Bro. Mark Wilbanks, Bro. Gregg Moseley, Bro. John Hoteling, Bro. Terry Bennett and Bro. Joe Hickey.  Wow!!  What a blessing from the Lord we received, in between their preaching; Bro. Doug Irwin’s family gave us a blessing by singing for us, another great blessing.  We went on to have a great meal and some great fellowship.  Then it was time for our regular monthly Saturday night singing, again the Holy Spirit covered us.  We began to sing as a group, some great old hymns, then we went to the specials and there were many; again we were blessed again and again.  What a wonderful time in the Lord we had, some ate again and had some more good fellowship.  Then Sunday morning we gathered again for a good day in the Lord.  Our morning service started with Bro. Dale greeting all with a great good morning.  We had prayer requests and prayer was led by Bro. Gregg.  We had our pledges to the flags and to the Bible.  We gathered our gifts for Sunday school and the classes took their places.  Bro. Gregg filled in for Bro. Bob and used Revelations 5:1-14 for the Sunday school lesson; a good lesson with class comments and discussion.  We sang Happy Birthday to our Pastor Bro. Gregg Moseley, our young ones gathered up the coins for Christ.

We asked our Pastor and his wife to come up front and we presented them with a love gift for all they have done in the time they have been at Happy Home Church. They truly have been a blessing.  Everyone came forward to shake hands with Bro. Gregg and Sister Carla.

Time to sing, we had a good choir and they were in good voice; we sang some great hymns and then we gave our gifts to the Lord, prayer led by Sister Juanita.  We had specials from Sister Peggy, Bro. Dale, Sister Juanita, with Sister Carla and Dommick closing out the specials.

Bro. Gregg brought the message from I Corinthians 9:25-27.  We closed with a song and dismissed in prayer by Bro. Dee.

Our evening service began with our prayer circle and we had many prayer requests.  Prayer was led by Bro. Gregg.  We sang for the Lord and had specials from Sister Peggy, Sister Dianne with Bro. Dale and Sister Carrie closing out the specials.

Bro. Gregg used the final part of our Sunday school lesson to bring us a good message Sunday evening.  We closed with a song and prayer by Sister Carla.

Sunday morning, November 3rd, Bro. Brock Mitchell will be preaching the morning and evening service at Happy Home Church.  Come and be with us and get a blessing.

Have a great week, keep God in your heart and you will be blessed.