Girdner Church

Larry and Kay took a drive to Greenbriar this last week to visit with Bill, Madison and Sarah. Also, to pick up Dakota’s new ride.  He bought Bill’s ‘97 Chevy pickup. I think his grandma offered to keep it and drive it if he didn’t want it but he took back to Oklahoma with him so I guess he figures he will just drive it himself. Sure do miss those boys, always glad to visit with them.

Sis. Naomie Stephens had a birthday this week. She said it was just another day, but from the looks of the pictures of her family that come to celebrate with her I think it was a special day. So hope you had a great one and we are expecting her back with us soon.

We had another good Lords Day at Girdner this sunday.  Sis. Maxine preached from John 21: 15-17. There was so many good things in her message, as well as the one we heard Sunday night, I just can’t share them all with you.  Several things was brought out in the message but the two things that stood out to me was what kind of an influence are you and forgiveness. She talked of how Peter had been a disciple of Jesus but when he went away from him & went fishing he took others with him. He was a influence to many.  What kind of a influence are we to those around us? And is it a good influence, do we let the Love of Christ shine thru? One of the things she said about forgiveness in her message was something she had read, Those who don’t forgive, don’t appreciate all the forgiveness that has been given to them. When you forgive someone, you release a prisoner and then you will realize that prisoner was you. We sometimes forget how much God loved us and forgave us, even while we were yet still sinners, He gave his only son just to die for us.

Sunday night Sis. Maxine continued with a message from Job. Her question to us was “were we ever a miserable comforter?” I’m afraid we probably all may have to say yes to that, or at least I guess I should say, I have. Job’s friends weren’t much different. In Job 9:33 it speaks of a daysman, I’d never noticed the word and sure didn’t know what it meant.  Sis. Maxine explained the word and meaning as, an umpire or go-between. I’m so thankful we have the greatest umpire that could be found. He never makes a bad call. He is there to be our go between, between God and us.  Sometimes when we don’t know what to ask or how to ask, he already knows and pleads our case to God!

Sis. Maxine told the best story Sunday night about a donut and a push-up. Id love to share it with you, but I’m thinkin they might ask me to quit writing the items here at the Herald, cause it was lengthy, but a great story. So if you see Sis. Maxine out, you have her tell you the story, or someone who was there, it’s worth listening to.

Remember,  when we stand before God, our great umpire, and he makes that final call, will he say, “safe, enter in”? Or, will you hear him say, “depart from me , I never knew you”.