Girdner Church

Last week I’d actually got the items wrote and sent in on Monday evening. It’s a good thing I didn’t wait till Tuesday morning as I usually do or they wouldn’t have got done. We received word early Tuesday, Joe, our boy had been killed. It has been such a sad, long week. Kenny and I appreciate all that everyone has done for us and all of Joe’s family. Please remember his mom, Bernadette, and all his brothers, sisters, and his two boys when you pray. Joe made being a stepmother very easy. Joe leaves us with lots of good memories. He was a very loveable young man, and he will forever be remembered and loved.

Sunday morning was friend day at Girdner. We had a good attendance. We appreciate all who came and you are welcome back anytime.

Sis. Maxine’s message was from John 15:12-16. What a good message for a friend day. It was all about the best friend we will ever have. He laid down his life for us. Sis. Maxine ask us a question, how many of you are on facebook? I didn’t raise my hand, I figured this was a trick question.

Really she brought out a lot of interesting facts I’d never thought of. On facebook when someone sends you a request , you can either accept or deny, or maybe ignore. Real friends we have don’t ignore us or deny us. Some of the face book friends we have we may not even really know or have met . Maybe we just play games with them on the internet. But we call them friends. But we can’t go out to eat with them, or shopping or spend time with them, like we do our real friends, they are not here for us like our real friends are. Prov 17:17, ” A friend loveth at all times,” and Prov. 18:24, “A friend sticketh closer than a brother.”

Sis. Maxine’s message Sunday night was continuing in Job 2. In Job 2:9, Job’s wife ask him if he was still going to retain his integrity after all that had happened to him. If we want to maintain our integrity, will we trust God when we can’t see see His hands at work. Will we trust His grace when we can’t see His face, Job did. May we continue to ask ourselves could we stand as strong for God as Job did.

Bro. Gary’s Wed. night lesson for Oct. 30 will be God’s Grace. Sounds like another great lesson. The children will be working on the Christmas play so come on out at 7 p.m. and join us.

My daughter, Crystal shared a story with me today I’d like to share with you all. Her and her husband were going out for breakfast and passed a man who had up a sign, “Hungry, Cold, and Ugly.” She said they went on to eat and they bought him a breakfast and took back to him. She said he cried, and took the food, she said she would never forget the look in his eyes. We never know when we may be entertaining angels, as it reads in Heb.13.

I’d like to close today, asking for everyone’s continued prayers for Joe’s children, Kenny, Bernadette, brothers, and sisters, and all the family. I thank God for the time we had with him and the love he was always willing to show towards me and all he called family and friends.

Sis. Maxine said she had read this somewhere and I’d like to close with this, it’s certainly something to think about; What if, the only thing we had in the morning, was what we had thanked God for the day before.