Girdner Church

We had three of our grandchildren spend the night with us Wed. night and attend church with us, Dustin and Caitlynn Pierce, and Aaron Burton. They enjoyed being together, and we enjoyed having them with us. It’s always good to have them come and go to church with us. Dustin’s birthday was Sunday and he is 15 now. Courtney Burton, our oldest grandchild, will be 21 the 14th and Cory Burton, our oldest grandson, will be 18 the 17th. They are all 3 years apart and share a birthday all in the same week.  So happy birthday to them all, and so thankful for each of them!

Bro. Robert and Sis. Kathy Potter was on vacation in Colorado this last week. They both gave their testimonies Sunday morning of God’s beauty and peace they felt and seen on the trip, made all of us want to go there!

Bro. Larry and. Sis Kay Pierce went to Oklahoma to see their children Casey and Heather Pierce, Dakota, Zack and Kale. We sure do miss them all, and I know they are missed by Larry and Kay. I’m sure we will be hearing some grandbaby stories from them Sunday.

Sunday morning Sis. Maxine preached from 1 Sam. 7. I had never heard or read the story of the Ebenezer stone, that Samuel set up between Mizpeh and Shen, saying the Lord has helped us. I’m thinking we all could have a Ebenezer stone set up, for God has truly helped us all.  Samuel told the house of Israel to return unto the Lord, and put away their strange Gods, and serve him only. Then he would deliver them from the hands of the Philistines. So will he deliver us from satan and all he throws at us if we only are willing to live only for him with all our hearts and have no other gods before him. Sis. Maxine said something Sunday that has stayed on  my mind. She said satan and God were talking to each other about Job, and Job didn’t know their conversation was going on, God asking satan if he had considered his servant Job. I had to think and wonder just what God and Satans conversation about each of us might be? Hope we can always strive to be a Job.

Sunday evening we had special singing and fellowship afterward. We had several visitors who came and sang some specials and shared their testimonies as well as some of our own church. The singing was just wonderful. Always enjoy the testimonies. No one ever has the same testimony. God has blessed each one with a special blessing to share with others. I will share a testimony given by one grandpa. He’d ask one of his grandchildren to come to the singing and sing a special, but she couldn’t cause she was going to lead a Bible study that night. That grandpa was truly blessed and thankful! What better excuse could you have to not come!

We started our Christmas play practice with the children Wed. night, and will continue until the play in Dec. Bro. Gary says his study on the 23rd will be on holiness. Come and join them for a good study at 7 p.m. on Wed. nights.

Sunday the 20th , will be our friend day at Girdner. If you haven’t been invited yet, it’s just because your friend hasn’t got to you yet, so just know you’re invited and come on down and join us Sunday morning.

Sis Maxine will continue in the book of Job on Sunday evening at 7 p.m., and we’d love to have you come and join us.