Foil News

A great big hello to all my friends.

Can you believe this weather? A fire in the fireplace would feel good. I guess I’ll just put on a heavy shirt for a few more days.

My goodness we had a good rain on Saturday.

I went to Seymour and spent the day with Ken and Wendy. I told Ken it was pouring down rain when I left home and was still raining when I got home about 5 p.m.

I talked to Bernice in Arkansas this evening. She’s doing good.

We had real good services at Frye Church this morning. Then after church a group of our members went to sing and have communion with Bill and Louise Chandler. Their health isn’t very good right now. We know how they always enjoyed going to church. So lets keep them in our prayers.

Roger and Telesia sang a beautiful song at church this morning. They always do a good job.

I went down Wednesday afternoon and visited with Audean. She’s been under the weather for a while. Belva was there also.

Ethan and Brett have been looking for that great big deer, but they haven’t found him yet.

Well, no news here so I’ll sign off for this time.

Remember that Jesus loves you and praise Him for what He’s done for you.