Faith Rock Church

It’s a very wet day here in Ava this Tuesday.  The thunder woke me this morning just a cool and cloudy today.

We were glad to have our Pastors Bro. Benny and Sis. Loretta Dewitt back with us.  We missed them last Sunday.  They had gone to a relative’s fiftieth wedding anniversary in Fenton, Missouri for the weekend to celebrate with them.

His morning message was from Mark 7:16-20 and Isaiah 29:11-6.  Verse 15 said “There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.”  The scripture in Isaiah went along with the same scripture, very good message.

We had a wonderful morning service and enjoyed all the good music, especially Leisa’s song.  Also want to wish Sis. Leisa and husband a happy anniversary.

Sunday afternoon several of us went to the fourth Sunday singing at Gentry church and always enjoy that with Sis. Sybil Greer leading us.  Next fourth Sunday singing will be held at Faith Rock on November 24th, so mark it on the calendar and be with us.

I didn’t mention that Sis. Betty Hesterlee preached Sunday morning and Sis. Debbie McHaffie that Sunday night that our pastors were gone, we appreciate both of them.

We had a very nice dinner for Pastor Appreciation day and celebrated having them as our pastors.

I visited a little while last week with Sis. Mary Mason and her mom Sis. Charlotte Brown.  Sis. Charlotte has been very ill with Hospice coming in and helping now.  We have missed them both so much, but wanted to wish Sis. Charlotte a happy birthday.

We have enjoyed Bro. Victor Murdy teaching Tuesday evenings in Revelations.  I have never sat under any better teaching of Revelations.  It’s a hard study for most of us.  He is doing a wonderful job on our Sunday school for this three month series, last Sunday was “choosing to obey Christ’s teaching”, Matthew 7:24.

Jerry and I drove to Glade Top trail Sunday before last and met my sister Lorene and Don Byrd there and enjoyed the dinner and music.  The drive was pretty but not yet real colorful.  We stopped at Spring Creek Cemetery and visited mom’s gravesite.  I called our daughter Teresa Glody today to see how her husband’s brother C. R. and Shelly Gloyd are doing.  They had a head on collision in Kansas with a driver who had had some kind of seizure behind the wheel.  Their van was totaled and they were fortunate to be alive and the driver was still in the hospital, but they were just very sore all over.  Teresa said her husband’s sister Mary Gloyd Wright is in Branson hospital with a very serious heart problem.

Monday night music at the Senior was well attended again.  Appreciate everyone who participated in anyway.  I have to admit we stayed home and watched the World Series and got to see the Cardinals get beat, but they will be back to play in Boston Wednesday night, they still have a chance.

God bless everyone this week.