Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

It feels a little chilly this morning, but I know some people love this temperature. A few people are even looking forward to that first frost. I think that it is so they can get out in the woods and cut wood withouth getting those little pesky seed ticks. We all have our favorite things about fall. Most people enjoy all the changing colors that God paints the leaves. The other day when it was raining, my youngest granddaughter, Alexis, asked me why it was raining. I told her God was sending us rain. When Courtney got in the car, she told her that God was making it rain. They can learn so young.

Speaking of my grandkids, I took my granddaughter, Courtney, to her basketball game. Alexis and I sat and cheered her on to a win. Courtney and Rilee both enjoy playing.

We started a revival Sunday night and we had people at the altar praying for this revival Sunday and we had a good crowd attend that night. There were also some came to the altar to pray that night, that is always how you want to see a revival start with people humbling themselves to God.

We are still working on Christmas and really enjoying working with the youth, and also working on our fall festival the third Sunday. So many things to do, God is always ready to bless us if you work for him and keep His commandments.

I guess I better get to work, I sure hope I see you at our revival. God can do miracles if we do our part and ask. Get down on our knees and pray to God that we see a revival in this community. Take care.