Dogwood Ramblings

Randy Dugan came for a visit and as soon as I saw who it was my shoulders sagged as I just knew he was going to tell me the bulls were out.  However, I was mistaken and the bulls weren’t out and we had a nice friendly visit about propane sources and Randy was introduced to my new “puppy” – just in case it somehow got out and visited his place.  I asked Randy if he hears the train in Seymour, mostly in the middle of the night and he said he hadn’t.  Some days and nearly every night I can hear the train horn as it goes through the crossings in Seymour.  Occasionally I can hear the saws of the mill a few miles west of here.   My hearing is pretty good for such as this but I cringe when being told gossip and change the conversation.  Some things are not good to hear and gossip is a poison.

Thursday I went out early to mow the front yard, then came in for some breakfast and started doing the bookkeeping.  Well, here came Bob Wagner, mowing the ditches and then he decided to mow the rest of the front area.   We visited a bit and Bob said the mowing is how he gets his exercise.  Not long ago a truck pulled in my driveway, the driver came to my door.  Moments later here came Bob to check on me.  That IS a good neighbor.

Friday was a good day at work and grandson Rex invited me to go out to lunch with him.  The Chinese buffet is always far too tempting and then I surely don’t need any supper.  Rex stopped by later so we could confirm our plans to attend the Apple Butter Festival in Seymour, a new venture for me.  Friday’s mail brought me Issue #76 of “Reaching Out”, compliments of the Ozark Mennonite Church.  It is always a good read.  Four of us did go to the Apple Butter event in Seymour.  I was surprised by the number of Mennonite people but then, I don’t get to Seymour often.  The aroma of barbeque chicken, beans and of the apple butter simmering was so inviting and the folk there were so friendly and inviting, a truly caring and wonderful community of people.

Jamey & Billy Joe Herd have both been a tad under the weather and undergoing some tests.  I do hope you will keep them in your prayers for resolution of problems and regaining good health.

Again, we haven’t heard from others in this community.  Please do remember all in prayer: your families, friends, neighbors, our country, our missionaries, the disabled, those suffering illness and those lacking in daily necessities.  God bless and be well.