Dogwood Ramblings

Randy and Kim, Ivan and Dena Lawson and Dena’s daughter Kayli all came for Saturday morning breakfast of biscuits, sausage gravy and scrambled eggs.  We couldn’t visit too long as fences need fixing, hay hauled to some cattle, etc.  It seems most of our gatherings are short ones as that doggone farm work is so demanding.  Ron and his daughter Reanna stopped by a couple of days ago after an extended trip.  My goodness, it seems Reanna grew another 4 or 5 inches this summer.  Hopefully most of my family will be here on Oct. 26th – my birthday.  As Randy teases, “Gee, Mom, you’ll be going on 81”.  We have many family birthdays in the next few weeks but don’t know if we’ll be able to celebrate all of them as we would like.

One of my nieces lost her husband on Oct. 4th.  All I could do was to send my deepest sympathy as a trip to California was out of the question.  We have lost far too many neighbors and family members this fall.

Halloween is fast approaching.  At one time it was a pagan celebration then, it was All Hallows Eve, the night before All Saints Day (Nov. 1) when Christian saints are/were remembered.  The following day, Nov. 2nd is All Souls Day when we of the Catholic faith commemorate All the Faithful Departed.  Now, Halloween seems to be reverting once again to just a pagan event where children wear costumes or disguises (some of them quite scary) and go from home to home to gather goodies, mostly candy, and faith is not in the equation.  This celebration is a big money maker for many stores and they certainly advertise widely on TV and in the print media.


Sunday morning early I received a phone call from a local friend who is having difficulty with a relative suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  This disease is a progressive, debilitating process and not only difficult for the person suffering it, but for their loved ones, especially their caretakers. Decision making is no longer valid and the patient simply does not understand what is going on.  My mother had Alzheimer’s and was virtually locked up for just shy of 14 years before she succumbed at the age of 89 years.  Although my mother lived in California we visited her many times during her illness and it is so difficult when your own mother does not know who you are.  Research has improved some medications however some of these have other side effects (some nasty) as do so many medications.

Sunday after church I stopped by Mike and Cathy Schultz place to take them some plastic containers that Mike uses in his business.  We had a quick visit and Cathy sent a quart jar of canned pears home with me.  It seems Eva Wymer’s pear trees are still providing happiness.  I also stopped a moment to see Randy and find out if he wanted me to prepare a midday meal.  He was busy worming some cattle and said he’d already eaten.  Good!  Now I still have some chicken cheesy enchiladas in the freezer.

Well, no news as come in from this community. Pray for peace.