Dogwood Ramblings

Last Monday morning it was off to Ava to handle some business, and to do a little bit of my office work.  Then a tad bit of shopping.  Good to see the gas prices have come down some.

Well, neighbor Bob Wagner did it again.  Tuesday morning he started mowing my ditches before the dew was off the grass.  So, I shut down what I was doing and went out to mow the front area along Hwy 14.  Then some breakfast so I could take my meds but dear Bob, he just kept on mowing, finishing all the mowing out front.  Bless his generous heart!  Then, we got some really nice rain.

Bookkeeping took me 3 ½ hours on Wednesday, and 4 hours on Thursday.  I should never have let it go so long as the task becomes more difficult.

Picked up a couple of whole chickens on Friday and started the soup making process, finishing up on Saturday morning, making the whole house smell so good.  Also, timely for the weather!  I took some soup over to Bob and Dana and got to see the progress on the music room Bob has made for Dana from what was a garage.  Bob does really nice work, tiled floor, a mural on one wall, and a beautiful really old chest they’d picked up at a garage sale somewhere.  Really nice!  As Dana plays so many instruments I encouraged her to join in with some Dogwood groups even if she just goes to listen (the first time!)

Troyce stopped by to let me know one of the Charolais had calved but unfortunately, the calf didn’t make it.  Such happens we know but that doesn’t make it any better.  Troyce has stopped by other times when she has seen something she feels is a concern.  That is a good neighbor!

I haven’t heard from anyone else on Dogwood Hill so, no news, just my rambling on (and on and on!)

God bless and please do pray for our legislators to get their heads on straight.