County Line

Donna Dodson was here on Monday to take me to get bloodwork done. She later went to watch Chase play football. Corrina and Mike Dodson and Bryse were there also.

Donna came on Friday and took me to town. We picked up Reece, Quin and Macee from school.

Peyton Esterline spent the night with Reece Friday night.

Melanie Breeding, Quin and Macee were here on Saturday to decorate my porch for Fall.

Reece attended the fair Saturday for FFA. He then spent the evening at a birthday party for Jacob Elliott and spent the night with Hunter Downs.

Donna and Megan went to Springfield shopping on Saturday. Her and Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna.

Bryse Dodson spent Saturday night with Quin Breeding.

Hunter Downs and Datona Shelton visited Reece Goforth on Sunday afternoon then attended the hayride at Black Oak Church.

Corrina Dodson and Chase and Hope Evans attended the Haunted Corn Rows Saturday night.

Brayde Koop went with Quin Breeding to the hayride and Jessica Schneweis came with Megan.

Max and Kathy Stepehens visited John and Jo Stephens on Saturday.

Sherry Pool visited Gene and Rheba Pool this week. My sympathy to Sherry on the loss of her loved one.