County Line

Donna Dodson, Reece Goforth, Quin and Macee Breeding all came by on Monday. Donna had been out to the church to do some work.

Mike and Corrina Dodson and Bryse went to Chase’s football game Monday night.

Debra Reed of Kansas called on Wednesday. Juanita Kazenske of Illinois called on Thursday.

Jo Stephens went to the doctor in Springfield on Thursday. Those visiting her on Friday were Lisa Hensley and Seth and friend, Laken of Hartville.

Reece, Quin and Macee all spent Friday night with David and Donna.

Donna went to Sparta Thursday night to watch Bryse and Quin play football. They both won their games. She went to Homecoming Friday night to watch Chase. She said Darian Bushong was very pretty as queen candidate.

Megan Goforth celebrated her 13th birthday with a sleepover for 10 friends Friday night. Those attending were Regan Koop, Jessica Schneweis, Araina Evans, Gracie Heinlein, Kiaunna Snow, Kenzie Lumley, Mattie Croney, Haley Hawkins, Haley Mork and Kileigh Graham. They attended Homecoming then 5th quarter. After returning home they made smores outside and stayed up all night. Megan had a really good time.

Those visiting Jo Stephens on Sunday were Mae Cox, Donna Nichols, Ralph and Jane Call, Max and Kathy Stephens.

Donna, Melanie, Reece, Megan and Macee were here on Sunday.

Datona Bentley visited Reece Goforth on Wednesday. He visited her on Saturday.

Chase Dodson got Big Bass in a tournament Saturday. Cody Huff got first place. Mike and Bryse took them to the tournament.

Chase and Hope Evans attended a FFA trip on Saturday night.

Quin and Bryse spent Saturday night with David and Donna. Quin attended church with Bryse Sudnay morning.

Donna took me to town Saturday. We stopped by to see Amy Iott, Challa and Axle.

Donna visited Butch and Diana David Thursday.

Danny Bushong attended one of the Cardinal games in St. Louis last week.

Megan played volleyball Tuesday and Thursday. They won the games she played in.

Donna and Reece helped with a bake sale Saturday at Town & Country for the KAHOS soccer team.