Church of the Living God

Beautiful weather in the Ozarks, cool nights, beautiful days and a good rain.

Pastor Gary’s Sunday morning message was entitled, “The Prize.”

Several examples the Pastor gave was, keep focused on the prize, try running and winning.

In Matthew 14:28 Peter was walking on the water when he took his eyes off Jesus (the prize) and began to sink. When we take our eyes off of Jesus, anything is possible. Satan is always watching where he can sneak in. Adam took his eyes off the prize when him and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. Never lose sight of the prize.

The evening message was on prayer. The jewish people had special times of day for prayer. Some of the scriptures about prayer are Acts 10:9, Peter went upon the house about the 6th hour to pray, Romans 12:12 continuing instant in prayer, I Thess. 5:17, pray without ceasing, James 5:17, Elias prayed earnestly, James 5:15, speaks of the effectual fervant prayer. We can always have a prayer in our hearts, singing a song about prayer.

We also should set aside a special time for everyday to pray, morning time is good before we go into the world to face Satan and his demons.

The church is on the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.

Pastor Gary Moore 543-3785 or contact him at his home 683-6547 or call his wife, Bevy, 683-8106.

Cease to make self the object of your life and actions.