Breedon News

10-20-13. October is swiftly passing and the leaves are turning. Some have left their branches. I think fall is beautiful, but it lasts too short and I do not like the winter. But God knows we need the four seasons for the continuation of His beauty.

Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 46. Our lesson is from Col., chapter 4. Paul is summarizing to the church of Collos how we as individuals are to behave among our fellow Christians whether Masters or servants. He asks the church to receive Tychicus whom he had sent to comfort them and continue Paul’s teachings regarding Jesus Christ. He mentions Onesimus who is a member of the Collosians that he will keep them informed of what is going on while he is in prison. Aristaochus was in prison with Paul and greets them in Paul’s writings. There are five more that Paul recognizes in his final letter for the church to receive; Marcus Justus, Epaphras, Luke the beloved physician and Demas. Paul closes his letter with a salvation to them and asks them to remember him while in prison. He had also asked earlier that when they read this epistle to the Collosians it would be read at the church of Laodecia as well. The ministry of the gospel would continue even though Paul was in prison. This is how we are to do today. No matter what state we are in, we are to continue in the ministry and praising Jesus for His mercy and grace.

We got a good report that Ronnie Thomas got to come home and we pray his healing is a speedy recovery. Ronnie’s daughter, Lyndi, rolled her car and thank God her injuries were not serious I heard. We need to remember Glen Swearengin and his family in prayer. He is not doing well in his health. I pray God’s divine healing on you Glen. We always need to remember the sick and those that are in grief from losing a loved one. Especially remember those who have not come to accept Jesus. I pray you will receive Him today for eternity is growing nearer each day.

Our worship service began with congregational singing and followed with the youth reviewing their lesson on Samson and Delilah. Their ages ranged from 5 to about 10 years old and I am so amazed with their correctness in their answers. I was especially impressed with Sammy Lee. That young man knows about scripture that a lot of  others don’t. I was proud also with my nephew, Bryson Lafferty, nieces, Jackie Lafferty, Jade and Abby Batson. Kids, I am so proud of you.

David Williams and Susie Sisco played piano and organ duet. A special song was sung before the sermon was given. Brother Cub (Joe) Lafferty took the text from Romans the 10th chapter before he prayed for this service, our country and the lost and sick. This chapter speaks of all that believe and confess that Jesus was the Son of God and was raised from the dead by God shall be saved. Belief of God and His Son Jesus is with the heart and confession is by their mouth unto salvation. It doesn’t matter who you are; Greek or Jew, rich or poor, the same Lord is there for whoever calls on Him. To sum this up, it doesn’t matter how much you ask for saving grace, if you’re just saying the words without believing in Him, you will remain lost and not one of His children. Many today just repeat the words a minister or Christian witness tells them to say, but they don’t believe and just go through the motions, they are still lost. What you do or say cannot save you. Only Jesus. If you do not believe in Him your words will not be heard and you will not be in His fold. I pray God will touch your heart and save your soul. I pray he turn your skepticism into full belief and knowledge of His saving grace.

Please remember the bereaved. Boyd Conrad passed away and we need to lift up his family in prayer. Ronnie Thomas is recovering from a painful surgery so he needs our prayers as well as his daughter, Lyndi. I know there are other sick and bereaved we should mention in our prayers. I pray God’s blessing on our country and the leaders will follow His will in making decisions regarding us Americans. God bless and protect our military and we should show our appreciation to any veteran we come in contact whether they’re active or not. After all, they left their homes and family to protect our freedom. Have appreciation of them and their families for their sacrifice. Glen Swearengin we will keep you and your family in our prayers. God bless and keep you until next week which is the fourth Sunday singing at Gentry. Hope to see you there.