Breedon News

10-6-13. I think fall came to greet us this morning, but what a beautiful morning after a good rain yesterday. Our Sunday school began by the reading of Psalms 123, “God hath mercy” on us summarizes David’s groanings to the Lord. I still cry unto my Lord to show mercy to us as a nation and bring us back to where we need to be in walking after the ordinances God hath set before us.

Our lesson come from Collosians the second chapter. Paul writes in prison and tells the Christians of Colosse that even though they have never met him in the flesh, still, he is concerned and prays for them to hold steadfast in their walk with Christ. He encourages them to beware of those that attempt to entice them with words. In Christ we are complete. The corruption of our bodies were nailed to the cross. Jesus shed His precious blood to cover those sins, saving us from eternal seperation from God our Heavenly Father. No more earthly judgements are against us by the Mosiac law for Christ’s death, burial and resurrection completed and fulfilled that law. To place our delverance upon anything else such as angels, idols, our pastors or anything except Jesus Christ, takes away the praise and glory from the one and only true Savior. As humans, it is hard to grasp any saving power that is unseen. If a life preserver isn’t in our sight when we are drowning, it is very hard to trust we are going to be rescued. Our sins brought upon our flsh by one man, Adam, are killing us spiritually and has already condemned us to be cast into hell away from our God and Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ became our life preserver and by His grace through faith unseen we will be saved. Faith. Withouth faith in Christ you have no life preserver. May God quicken you and convict you to ask Jesus in your heart and save you from eternal pain and seperation from God in never ending hell.

We entered our worship service with congregational singing. We are so happy Larry and Bobbie Miller came today with their daughters, Candace and Callie. They had another young lady, Gracie Storie with them. We are blessed and thankful to have you and look forward to your return. Ronnie and Sue Thomas and their daughter, Bobbie Miller sang one of my favorite songs as a special. Oh how beautiful and great to hear your family singing again. Michelle Lee gathered her class and asked questions regarding their lesson. What sweet innocence was shown as they answered questions regarding Jonah and the whale. Thank you Lord for our little ones and help them to grow in knowledge of you to be followers of your Holy word. They then sang. I so enjoy this part of our service.

Brother “Cub” (Joe) Lafferty took text from St. John the second chapter. The beginning of miracles performed by Jesus. The first miracle of the turning water in to wine at the marriage celebration. The guests were wanting wine and the mother of Jesus told him “the wine is gone.” Jesus said, “Woman what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.” Mary told the servants whatever He tells you to do, do it. It was not time for Jesus to do His miracle until all the wine was gone. There was a governor over them that could take their very lives, but Jesus I believe was waiting for the best time do do away with those there justifying that some of the wine was mixed with water. By His waiting, all knew the wine was gone. At his time He told the servant to fill the six water pots of stone that were there for the purifying of the Jews after their tradition. They filled them up to the brim. Jesus told them, “Draw out now and bear unto the governor of the feast” and they followed His instruction. The governor and others there didn’t know where this wine came, but the servants did. The governor commented, “Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.” This is known as the first miracle and glory be to Jesus for not only this miracle, but the many ones He has done since and is still doing them now. Jesus knows when the right time presents itself for Him to perform His will. This chapter blesses me in knowing He will do in His time and as we wait upon Him, we can take comfort knowing He is not denying our requests. He will answer our requests and needs where we are blessed the greatestand with the most effect. Praise His Holy Name.

Remember our monthly singing is Friday night October 11 starting at 7:00 p.m. Another event will be the Breedon School Reunion on October 12. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Everyone have a good week and God bless you. Remember Ronnie Thomas and his family in your prayers for a speedy recovery and strength to carry on. We love you Ronnie and Sue and your precious family. God bless you all to the greatest abundance of His giving. Also remember Glen Swearengin, Carolyn and their family during his illness. May God lay His healing hands upon you. God I pray you be with all that are ill in body and especially those who are lost that your touch will bring them to accept you. In Jesus name, Amen.