Breedon Church

September 29, 2013. Here we are gathered together in the name of Jesus to learn and grow in His spirit. We come to give praise and glorify God and gain strength to perserve worshipping with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sunday school opened with the reading of Psalms 122 and opening prayer was given by Bro. Danny Lee. Our lesson was from the first chapter of Colossians. Paul is still in prison and had appointed Epaphras to minister to those at Colosse. He had received report of their faithfulness in Christ Jesus and wrote to the church there that he and the fellow servants would never cease to pray for them that they would continue to grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ. Christ is the beginning and the head of the church. His holy power holds the church altogether in spite of false doctrines that were being taught. Some wanted to hold to the ceremonial law, but have the Christian principles as well. Others at this time were preaching Christ was super human, but was not a Savior. Both sounded good to the mortal ear, especially to people that were taught to obey the law for their salvation, but Paul praises them for being steadfast in the truth and encourages them to keep on keeping on. This is what we as Christians need to do today. We need to pray and encourage each other to keep running in the race. We should let one another know when a false doctrine or belief springs up from mortal flesh. Some sound good, but if it is not based upon God’s word you should pray for guidance and strength to stand fast upon the truth.

We entered into the time of worship with the youth class reviewing their lesson of Peter, James and John’s fishing trip. No one caught anything until Jesus told them where to cast their net. They followed this with a song that re-enforced their learning. Oh how cute and precious they are and I pray that God uses them as mouth pieces to spread the goespel of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Hearing the song brought back sweet memories of my children singing this same song when they were young, “Peter, James and John Had A Little Sail Boat.” It should remind us our success in this life comes from obeying the Lord instead of what the world offers. We continued on with congregational and special singing. Bro. “Cub” (Joe) Lafferty brought the sermon from St. John, chapter 14 verses 16 through 31. Jesus went away from this earth after His death and resurrection, but He did not leave us comfortless. Jesus was telling His disciples His time on earth was soon to end. Those that keep His words and commandments love Him and the Holy Ghost abides in them to guid and comfort them through out their life span. Thank you Lord for your stay with us to lead us and guide us by your precious and Holy Spirit and presence.

Tonight is the 5th Sunday Singing and I’m trusting in a good time of fellowship and singing praises to God our Father and Jesus our Savior. I pray you all have a blessed week and maybe I will see you soon at a singing or service. If not, I hope to see you at the Heavenly throne of God.