Bethany Baptist Church

The ladies met for a Bible study, Thursday morning. The lesson “God’s perfect plan for marriages,” was part of a series of lessons on “Rebuilding in the Rubble.” The ladies share their prayer requests and praises at each meeting.

Friday, November 1, Bethany Baptist Church folks will meet at the Corder farm for a hayride and cookout. They will load up and start at 5 PM. They are hoping for a day of sunlight and moderate temperatures. Cold weather does not stop them, but rain could.

Darlene Sorensen, Sally Sorensen, and Norma Stillings sang a special in the morning service with Darlene playing her mandolin and Norma her Auto-Harp. The Sunday afternoon “music lesson” is really a time to practice and work up special songs. That is followed by the Jubilee Singers practice.

Several Bethany Baptist folks met after church Sunday evening to make plans for the Christmas Parade float. It takes a while to plan and prepare a good float. They also discussed the food preparations for the Chamber of Commerce luncheon which is coming up the second week in  November.

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought his message from Luke 3 on “Real Repentance.”

John the Baptist came into the country around Jordan preaching “Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Many people were baptized, confessing their sins. This caught the attention of many of the Jewish leaders at Jerusalem as well as the curious who came out to see what was happening. When some of these came to him to be  baptized, he challenged them calling them a generation of vipers. “Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance.”

When a person really repents of their sins and receives the Lord Jesus Christ there is a change of attitude that will be evident in their practice. The change will impact their wallets, their daily walk, the way they do business, the object of their worship, and even their whereabouts. John told those that gathered there, to be ready to give that second coat away to someone who needed it, to deal honestly, do no violence, and to be content with their wages. John also pointed out that there would be a purging and a test by fire. Will the “salvation” you depend on stand the test of fire?