Bethany Baptist Church

The folks at Bethany Baptist Church enjoyed another good “Pizza and Movie Night,” Friday evening. The food was good as usual. There was even some of Sally’s birthday cake. The movie was an allegorical representation of the ongoing battle for souls between God and the devil as played out in the “Last Chance Diner.”

Bethany Baptist folks plan to be giving out water again this Saturday, unless it is pouring down rain. We are thankful for the rain, but love the bright blue October days for the weekends.

Darlene Sorensen was the speaker at a “2BHealthy Ladies Conference” at Friendship Baptist Church in Highland, Arkansas, Saturday. She shared her zeal for healthy eating, Essential Oils,  and other healthy choices with the ladies that had come from several surrounding churches.

Dan Stillings sang and accompanied himself on the guitar, Sunday morning. Pastor Sorensen brought a message on “The Servants Job” from Luke 14:16-23.

When you read this account of the master and his servant we see that there was a division of labor. The master’s part was to have the food ready, the servant’s job was to go out and bring in those who had been invited to the dinner. When the wealthy and influential persons would not come, the servant was to go quickly and bring in those less prominent ones he found in the streets and even in the hedges. So it is with bringing people to the Lord. The Lord provides salvation and eternal life at his own expense to any and all who will come to him. The servant’s job is to bring them in to the house of the Lord, rich or poor, healthy or otherwise.

Pastor Sorensen challenged the congregation. If he had the means to offer $100 for each person brought in to church, wouldn’t every seat be full. But he reminded them that the soul of a person is worth a lot more than a $100. We are not trying to be bigger, we just want to see people saved.