Bethany Baptist Church

The people at Bethany Baptist Church finished a good Mission Conference this last Sunday. The guest missionaries this week were Paul and Sandy Burbidge and their daughter, Natalie, of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Yarmouth is a small city with a harbor for fishermen on the southwestern coast of Nova Scotia, which is east of Bar Harbor, Maine. Paul told how five young fishermen were lost in a big storm last winter.

The Burbidges are members of Chegoggin Baptist Church and when they are home they are working in a church plant in Shelburne also in the southern part of Nova Scotia. The goal there is to train up a man who will pastor there. Then the Burbidges will go into another area where there is no gospel witness and plant another church.

Paul brought messages in each of the services from Wednesday through Sunday afternoon. He and his family sang specials as well. Paul spoke at the Men’s prayer breakfast, Saturday morning. Sandy spoke at the Women’s luncheon that was held at the True Brew Coffee Shop on the square, Saturday.

The Burbidges stayed out on the Jim Corder Farm where Natalie got to ride Sally’s horse. Paul took pictures of some of the surroundings out there including a large hornets’ nest he found. They can look at these pictures this winter and remember the good time they had in Ava.

The Jubilee Singers sang a special mission song during the conference.

In one of his messages, Paul, pointed out that it is our business to be going out preaching the gospel and teaching people to observe all the things God has commanded. All the New Testament writers made an emphasis on teaching people how to behave, how to be disciples. Someone may be “Saved” and not be a disciple. To be a disciple one must love Jesus more than he loves his possessions, his family, or himself. A disciple is to “bear his cross,” to lay aside his own self will and live daily in submission to Christ. Discipleship is a matter of love. When you consider the price Jesus paid for our salvation and the gift of eternal life, then it is reasonable that we should love him. What was the proof of God’s love? He gave his Son. What is the proof of our love? Jesus said that if we love him that we keep his commandments. His commandments were not given to restrict us but to have us do what was best for us. The proof of our love for Jesus is when we willingly, joyfully obey him.