Ava Place

Happy Fall!  The leaves are changing and it is amazing!  We are looking forward to a country van ride this week to enjoy.  You may have noticed that the cold air in the mornings has limited the number of residents on the front porch.  By afternoon it has warmed up enough to enjoy some fresh air.

Please stop by and let your little ghouls and goblins trick or treat at Ava Place.  The residents enjoy seeing them so much!  We are preparing for Christmas now.   We have the ‘adopt a resident’ program once again.  We will give you 3 or 4 items the residents would like for Christmas.  We make sure everyone has something to open that morning.  Please email me at avaplacemo@yahoo.com or call 683-6999 if you would like to help out.  You can even pick who you would like.



This week’s “My Someone Special” is a long time resident and a friend to everyone that visits Ava Place –  Linda Lou Rose.

Linda was born in Ozark Missouri.  If you have visited you will know that Linda’s birthday is December 23, 1952.  She will be 61 this year and often mentions how “That don’t sound right does it?!”

Her parents are Jim Rose and Vonice Fitzgerald Rose.  She has one sister Sue and a baby brother that died from crib death around a year old.  Linda was named by her aunt when her parents couldn’t think of what to name her.  Linda loves the color blue.  She enjoys coloring, working 100 piece puzzles, playing Bingo, and any games that someone will play with her.  She has a very old bible that she has read all her life.  She likes attending Sunday worship services as well as bible study each week.

She has been enjoying reading lately.  She has read some Judy Bloom books and is looking forward to Captain Underpants.  Linda is a resident volunteer. She helps any way she can.  She is usually excited to help.  As a child Linda liked making mud pies, and riding her bike.  She loves music and singing.  She regularly attends when Traveling Strings and House to House Ministries share their amazing talents with us.  As a young woman Linda was happy to help her parents with anything she could.  She helped take care of them in their elder years.  She likes to share that she would make stews and other things they liked.  She also did the laundry and helped to bathe and dress them.  She is very loving and giving.  Her favorite game is Candy Land, but she will play anything you would like.

Linda touches the hearts of every one of us at Ava Place.  She tells everyone she loves them and will ask for a hug.

We appreciate all the love and support the community of Ava, Mo. blesses us with.  This is the season to open your hearts and we truly are thankful for you all.  Your contributions to our facility make it possible for everyone to feel special!

Many thanks,

Babs Smith / Activity Director