I talked with Bonnie Phipps and she said she was doing fine and had went to church Sunday and it was a pretty day to be out.

Tara brought Jett over last Monday and then James came for a little while and while he was here the men came and cut and groundup the lower limbs that they didn’t get the Thursday before.

Kendra came and picked Jett up that afternoon.

I had Jett both last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. James came last Tuesday at noon and brought us something to eat and then he and Jett went out and played until James had to leave and go to a ball game. When Tara picked Jett up I went and took my news and eggs into town then I came by the nursing home and visited with Marie Dickey, Ruth Hall, John Haskins, Irene Richards, Bea Christy and Connie, Roxie Heimeyer and Goldie Miller.

Kendra picked Jett up Thursday afternoon and that evening I went to the Stained Glass Theatre with Nina Carter and her friend, Glynda. We saw the Family Outings which I thought was real good. It goes through Oct. 19.

Saturday I received .8 of an inch of rain and was well appreciated.

All my sick folks seem to be doing okay now. Hope they stay that way.

When I got home from church I had a big bucket of apples and some eggs in the refrigerator so I will be making apple butter.

Lets keep all our sick folks in our prayers.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all that have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in your prayers.